Apex Legends Season 20 skin reward upsets community

Apex Legends Season 20 skin reward upsets community
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The Apex Legends Season 20 skin that players can get if they grind enough is a little bit disappointing. The community isn’t too pleased with the Runway Renegade skin that they’re being given for all their hard work. One Redditor shared the skin and said that they feel like the reward should’ve been better and that it’s just not a good skin in general. The rest of the players seemed to agree.

Apex Legends Season 20 skin frustrates gamers

This Reddit post has been making the rounds on the r/apexlegends subreddit. u/itsallbasement said, “Opinion – They could’ve made the reward for unlocking all Season 20 Legends something more universal for all legends. Or even just made this Wraith skin look better. Not the most attractive skin imo.”

A screenshot of a character from the latest Apex Legends Season 20 skin has upset the gaming community.
Image via u/itsallbasement on Reddit

The community seems to agree, as the post has more than few upvotes and it sparked heavy conversation in the comments. The reward for getting all the legends available in Season 20 should have, in the eyes of many players, been much more rewarding. u/Laverneaki said, “At least it’s easy for me to simply not waste my time bothering.”

u/ArthurExtremeBr said, “If I had a nickel for every apex skin that is ruined for me because the head piece is ugly…” u/BashBandit pointed out that it might be a bit of laziness on the part of EA, “It’s the old super hero season one but with different hair, glasses, and all white.”

One user, u/babylocket, went so far as to say that this is a recurring issue, “Apex Legends sucks with skin design.” u/JGas also added, “Wraith has the worst skins in game by far. Her idle pose doesn’t help at all either.” u/ItsN0tjustLuck said, “I’m upset, I main wraith too.”

A majority of the comments were in agreement: this skin is lackluster. And as a reward for something they put a lot of effort into, it’s dissatisfactory. That’s all you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 20 skin reward, but be sure to check out the latest LTM, the last day for this season, and the best graphic settings.