Apex Legends Season 20 Breakout Battle Pass Rewards – all contents and perks in battle pass

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Need to know what’s in the Breakout Battle Pass for Season 20 of Apex Legends? Each new season of Apex Legends brings plenty of new content to enjoy, and Season 20 is no different.

With Season 20 just kicking off, there’s plenty of time to earn all the new content available through the Apex Legends Battle Pass system. There are tons of free rewards to get, along with Twitch Drops that you can earn for just watching Apex Legends content. If you’re looking for the content you can find in the battle pass, we’re here to let you know.

What’s in the Season 20 Battle Pass of Apex Legends?

The Breakout Battle Pass features tons of cosmetics for all Legends, including skins, emotes, weapon skins, load screens, and Apex Packs.

There are also XP Boosts, crafting materials, and Apex Coins to earn through the Season 20 Battle Pass.

All of the content in the Season 20 Battle Pass is of varying rarities, from Common items to Legendary. There are over 100 new items to collect in the Breakout Battle Pass.

There are three types of battle pass in Apex Legends Season 20:

  • Free Battle Pass (Free)
  • Premium Battle Pass (950 Apex Coins)
  • Premium Battle Pass Bundle (2,800 Apex Coins)

The Free Battle Pass contains free rewards for players, while the Premium Battle Pass has all the rewards that are possible to be earned in Season 20.

The Premium Battle Pass Bundle costs more but instantly unlocks 25 levels of the battle pass tiers. This means you’ll be able to complete the Breakout Battle Pass quicker. You’ll also instantly unlock a 10% XP boost, making it even faster to climb the tiers.

Apex Legends Season 20 Battle Pass skins

There are several new skins to earn in the Season 20 Battle Pass, including:

  • Green Machine Fuse Legend skin (Epic)
  • Neon Techwear Crypto Legend skin (Epic)
  • Dead Link Ash Legend skin (Epic)
  • Code Blue Lifeline Legend skin (Legendary)
  • Sand and Rust Bangalore Legend skin (Legendary)
The Sand and Rust Bangalore skin in Apex Legends
Image taken by Videogamer

All skins are able to be unlocked on various tiers of the Battle Pass. In order to unlock all the skins, you must purchase the Premium Battle Pass using Apex Coins.

Free Apex Coins

If you unlock every tier of the battle pass in Season 20, you’ll earn 950 Apex Coins through the rewards. This means you’ll be able to purchase next season’s battle pass without having to purchase any Apex Coins from the shop.

Battle Pass reactive weapon skins

There are three new reactive weapon skins available in the Season 20 Battle Pass. The R-99 gets two reactive weapon skins:

  • Legendary Buzz Kill reactive skin
  • Legendary Kill Joy reactive skin

However, this season also includes a free reactive skin for players to earn, the Legendary Top Tier Flatline reactive skin. This weapon skin can be earned by completing all the biweekly Legend unlock challenges.

The Legendary Buzz Kill R-99 reactive weapon skin in Apex Legends
Image taken by Videogamer

Reactive weapon skins are special skins that evolve as you play a match. The more kills you get, the more the weapon changes, with special animations like fiery flames and bright plasma.

That’s everything there is to know about the new content in the Breakout Season 20 Battle Pass in Apex Legends. Be sure to check out the Season 20 patch notes so you can know all the changes that have taken place for the new season of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 20 Battle Pass FAQs

How many Apex Coins are in the Premium Battle Pass?

You can earn 950 Apex Coins in the Premium Battle Pass, which is enough to unlock the next season’s battle pass for free.

How many reactive weapon skins are in the Season 20 Battle Pass?

There are three reactive weapon skins available in the Breakout Battle Pass, different from the normal two.

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