Apex Legends when does Season 20 end? – Season 20 end date prediction

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Need to know when Season 20 of Apex Legends will come to an end? Season 20, called Breakout, has tons of new content to keep fans excited, but some are already looking to the future.

Season 20 is just kicking off for Apex Legends. It’s got a brand-new Breakout Battle Pass, with tons of rewards to grind through. Be sure to check out the Season 20 patch notes for the game, too. But, how much time do you have to earn them? When does Season 20 end? We’re here to let you know.

Apex Legends Season 20 Breakout End Date prediction

There is no official end date for Apex Legends Season 20 yet, but judging from previous season lengths, we can expect that Season 20 will end around mid-May of 2024.

Respawn hasn’t made anything official yet, since Season 20 just began. However, more information is expected to come in the future once Season 21 draws closer, and Breakout comes to a close.

We’ll update this article once more information is known.

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What will end with Season 20 of Apex Legends?

When Season 20 draws to a close, the Breakout Battle Pass will end as well. This means any rewards available from the battle pass that you didn’t earn will no longer be available.

Along with this, any LTMs running for the season will also come to a close. This includes the Fifth Anniversary Collection Event.

Since it’s the end of a season, the seasonal crafted weapon picks will rotate. Each season of Apex Legends also brings updates to the core game, such as buff and nerfs, balance changes, and tweaks. Respawn Entertainment will update the game again, bringing a close to the current system.

How long do Apex Legends Seasons last?

Apex Legends seasons typically last around three months. 90 days is the typical length one can expect from an Apex Legends season, as most seasons have lasted around this time.

The Longest Season of Apex Legends

The longest a season has ever run for Apex Legends was Season 3 Meltdown, which lasted a total of 126 days. This is over a month longer than a majority of seasons have run for. Only time will tell if another season will beat this record.

Not every season follows this pattern to a tee, but most likely Season 20 will follow this trend and last from February to May. That’s why we predict Breakout is likely to end in May of 2024.

That’s everything you need to know about when Season 20 of Apex Legends will end. Be sure to check out how to earn the free rewards in Season 20 Breakout so you don’t miss out on any of the good loot this season.

Apex Legends Season 20 end FAQs

How long do Apex Legends seasons last?

Most Apex Legends seasons are around 90 days in length or three months. We predict Season 20 will follow this pattern.

What will go away when Season 20 Breakout ends?

The Breakout Battle Pass will end, and all its rewards will no longer be available. Any LTMs during Season 20 will also come to a close.

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