Apex Legends solo experience gets ripped to shreds by community

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The Apex Legends solo experience is, per the community, pretty bad. One post going viral on the subreddit features the players complaining pretty intensely about it. Solo players are dragging the Inner Beast even through the mud, and it was already controversial. Respawn took a shot with this change, and it appears to have backfired on them.

Apex Legends solo gameplay for Inner Beast is not up to players’ standards

This Reddit post from u/PatPlaysGames247 is getting a ton of attention on the subreddit. In it, they are complaining, “Now let’s have a game mode we’re not only are you going up against three people with just you because you’re dead teammates are already gone, now we are going to give another team a 6 minute UAV to show exactly where you are. Not only that, they are going to know that you are solo so they will go out of their way to make it a miserable time for you.”

They also say that the game modes “could be fun”, but that the developers are forcing it down gamers’ throats. The only options, according to u/PatPlaysGames247, for solo Apex players is this “miserable” mode, or ranked. Ranked is not much better in their eyes.

Apex Legends Inner Beast
Image via EA

This has the community talking. Many players agree with this sentiment. u/HornetGloomy75 says, “This is probably super shitty for everyone that just plays pubs. This game mode is pretty much just 3 party simulator.” u/MaaximumOOF adds, “I really wish they would stop adding the forced events and just make it a separate game mode.”

u/RoutineInstruction 67 is fed up with Respawn, “The devs of this game are either brain dead or just plain awful at their jobs.” u/El_Heizenberg says, “This is why I only play ranked so no teammate leaves after dying.” u/Emma_Bird_ was blunt, “Slowly losing interest in Apex.”

It’s no secret that the Inner Beast event is a little but controversial. Many users are growing tired of this game mode because of the controversy and the solo experience, which is frustrating. Perhaps Respawn will learn not to tinker with things too much in the future.

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