All Zenless Zone Zero Drive Discs

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✓ at a glance
  • There are 12 Drive Disc sets in ZZZ.
  • Each set provides a bonus to stats based on how many pieces in a set you have equipped.

Zenless Zone Zero Drive Discs are ways to enhance the stats of your Agents. There are currently 12 Drive Discs sets in the game, and each one is suited for an Agent in a particular way thanks to the set bonuses they provide. Gearing your Agents with the right Drive Discs will be crucial to upping your damage and rounding out your builds. If you’re familiar with Genshin, this is ZZZ’s version of Artifacts.

All Drive Discs in ZZZ

There are 12 Drive Discs sets in the Zenless Zone Zero, each with two set effects based on how many of the same sets you have equipped. Drive Discs are unlocked in ZZZ when you get access to the music store, Bardic Needle, run by the android Elfy. With the store unlocked, you can spend resources to do a 10-pull on the Drive Discs of your choice, as well as dismantle useless Discs, and check the database. Outside of this, you can spend Battery Charge to fight enemies to get Drive Discs as a reward.

Naturally, when you’re building out your team comps and considering the best weapons, your Drive Discs choices will round out the build for your Agents, but where do you start? Each Agent can equip a total of six. We’ve combed through all the available Drive Discs in ZZZ and put them in this table to lay them out in simple terms. Some Agents want a specific set, so let’s get into it.

Drive DiscsSet BonusBest For
Woodpecker Electro2-Pieces: Crit Rate +8%.
4-Pieces: Increases ATK by 9% for 6 seconds after landing a critical hit.
Best for DPS: Nekomata, Soldier 11, Billy, Anton, Ellen, Zhu Yuan, Corin.
Puffer Electro2-Pieces: Pen Ratio +8%.
4-Pieces: Ultimate DMG +20%. Using your Ult increases ATK by 15% for 12 seconds.
Best for: Anton, Rina, Billy, Corin, Ellen, Nekomata, Soldier 11.
Shockstar Disco2-Pieces: Impact +6%.
4-Pieces: Basic Attack, Dash Attack, and Dodge Counters inflict 20% more Daze.
Best for Stun characters: Anby, Koleda, Lycaon.
Freedom Blues2-Pieces: Anomaly Proficiency +30.
4-Pieces: Hitting an enemy with an Ex-Special reduces its Anomaly Buildup resistance to the equipper’s attribute by 20% for 8 seconds.
Best for Anomaly characters: Grace, Piper.
Hormone Punk2-Pieces: ATK +10%.
4-Pieces: Increases ATK by 25% for 10 seconds when entering combat or switching characters.
Good for Attack characters.
Soul Rock2-Pieces: DEF +16%.
4-Pieces: Take 40% less damage upon HP loss.
Best for Defense characters: Ben Bigger.
Swing Jazz2-Pieces: Energy Regen +20%.
4-Pieces: All squad members’ DMG +15% upon using a Chain Attack or Ultimate.
Good for Support characters, such as Nicole.
Inferno Metal2-Pieces: Fire DMG +10%.
4-Pieces: Crit Rate +28% when hitting a Burning enemy.
Best for Fire characters: Koleda, Soldier 11, Ben Bigger, Lucy.
Chaotic Metal2-Pieces: Ether DMG +10%.
4-Pieces: Crit DMG +20%. Increases by 5.5% each time a character triggers Corruption’s additional damage.
Best for Ether characters: Nicole, Zhu Yuan.
Thunder Metal2-Pieces: Electric DMG +10%.
4-Pieces: ATK +28% if an enemy in combat is currently Shocked.
Best for Electric Agents: Rina, Grace, Anby, Anton.
Polar Metal2-Pieces: Ice DMG +10%.
4-Pieces: Basic Attack and Dash Attack DMG +20%. Increases the effect by 20% when any Agent inflicts Freeze or Shatter.
Best for Ice Agents: Ellen, Soukaku, Lycaon.
Fanged Metal2-Pieces: Physical DMG +10%.
4-Pieces: Increases DMG by 35% when you trigger Assault on an enemy. Damage buff lasts for 12 seconds.
Best for Physical Agents: Billy Kid, Corin, Nekomata, Piper.

Broadly speaking, when it comes to the best set for each Agent, you should try to focus on the stat highlighted in orange on the character’s Base Stats page. For Nicole, this is Energy Regen; for Anby, it is Impact. You get the idea, but this is something of a hint from the game telling you what each unit wants, and it isn’t necessarily the same between two characters in the same speciality. Rina, for example, wants PEN Ratio instead of Energy Regen as a Support speciality.

Depending on how you want your character to perform in combat, you have several options for which Disc to equip. For instance, Koleda specialises in Impact and stunning foes easily with a higher Impact stat, so something that increases this stat is best for her. Likewise, you could give her a set focusing on her Fire DMG to increase her personal DPS. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. It depends on if you want to play the meta way, but the sets seem to allow for other builds that are still viable, if not optimal.

✓ mixing and matching

Since you have six Drive Discs slots for each Agent, you might be able to find a viable setup that gives you three two-piece set bonuses if you want. At the moment, it seems like this would not be optimal, but you can definitely have some fun with the Drive Discs.

Drive Discs stats

If you’re familiar with Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, you know that the Artifact and Relic grind respectively can be the true endgame. In ZZZ, these pieces have fixed stats and random stats, which can make or break your builds depending on how the RNG treats you.

a menu showing equipable items for a bonus in zzz
Stats can be random, which might ruin your plans for specific Drive Discs. Image taken by VideoGamer

The base stats for the first three slots you equip will always be HP, ATK, and DEF. The fourth, fifth, and sixth slots will have a randomised base stat, but they can be one of several types of stat. For example, the base stat for the fourth slot can be Crit DMG, Crit Rate, Pen Ratio, HP% and Flat HP, ATK% and Flat ATK, DEF% and Flat DEF.

As you can tell, there is a lot of RNG involved, which means you are going to be grinding for them for a long time if the dice do not favour you when getting them. The fifth and sixth slots have a different pool of base stats that they can pull from.

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