How to reroll in Zenless Zone Zero and is it worth it

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  • You can reroll in ZZZ by making a brand new account with a new email address.
  • Sign into the game, progress through to when you unlock pulls, and then see which S-Rank you get after 40 of them.

Rerolling your account in Zenless Zone Zero might be a good way for you to start strong and get the S-Rank Agent you want, but the entire process can be extremely lengthy. If you’re interested, the process for rerolling in ZZZ is straightforward and functions the same as it does in Genshin and Star Rail. Let’s get into our Zenless Zone Zero reroll guide and whether it’s worth your time.

zenless zone zero reroll guide - ellen on the banner in ZZZ
Depending on your luck, you could get an early S-Rank on the limited banner. Image taken by VideoGamer

How to reroll your account in ZZZ

To reroll, all you need to do is make a new account with a new email address. The problem with this being the only method is that you need a new email address every time you want to make a new account. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make a new account on the ZZZ official website using a different email.
  2. Launch the game, log into the account, and start a new game.
  3. Play until you unlock pulling on the banners, which typically takes around 40 minutes to an hour.
  4. Make your pulls to see which S-Rank agent you get on the discounted Standard Banner.
  5. If you get the one you want, stick with the account. If you don’t then you can do this process again.

With the pre-registration rewards and the sheer amount of free pulls you get on the standard banner, you can get 40 pulls done in no time to get your S-Rank. If you really don’t want to make a new account and go through several email addresses, you can simply change your chosen server on the account you use to log into the game. For example, if you’re on the Europe server, switch over to the US or Asia server and begin a brand new game there. Progress isn’t shared between different servers, so this is a low-effort option if you want to reroll.

zenless zone zero reroll guide - a woman wearing a maid outfit
We got Rina, and we’re fine with it… mostly. Image taken by VideoGamer

Something that we noticed that might dissuade you from re-rolling is you can’t get two S-Rank characters in quick succession on the standard banner if you happen to get an S-Rank before 40 pulls. We got Alexandrina at about 17 pity, but while the banner still said we would get a guaranteed S-Rank in 20 or so pulls, this never happened. Unless you get really lucky and get back-to-back S-Ranks, you’ll have to take it to soft pity, which is usually around 74 pulls. To ensure you get the most pulls in the least amount of time, use our ZZZ codes page.

Is it worth it to reroll in ZZZ?

Generally, we say it is not worth it. If you absolutely hate the characters you get, then sure go for it, but we think it takes too long to do. Something to keep in mind with gacha games and ZZZ, in particular, is that if you play for long enough, you will eventually get all the characters. If you’re gunning for a particular S-Rank on the standard banner, it’s important to note that you will get to choose one of them after you pull 300 times. Due to these points, we don’t think it’s worth the time to reroll when you could use that time and effort to play the game and enjoy yourself.

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