Best Zenless Zone Zero team comps

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Some of the best team comps in Zenless Zone Zero are:

  • Corin, Nicole, Anby
  • Ellen, Rina, Lycaon
  • Soldier 11, Koleda, Ben
  • Ellen, Anby, Nicole

When it comes to choosing the best team comp in Zenless Zone Zero, you can be hindered by the characters you may or may not have. With a launch roster of 16, there aren’t a lot of comps in the game that could be considered the best without a lot of the S-Rank Agents in them, but that’s a tall order no matter how you look at it. We’ll cover some of the ZZZ best team comps including a mix of A-Rank characters and the Bangboos you can slot into these teams, along with powerful and meta S-Rank comps.

Zenless Zone Zero best team comps

Teams consisting of Anby, Nicole, and Corrin, or Ellen, Rina, and Lycaon are good picks for the best comps. Soldier 11, Koleda, and Ben make for a great Burn team while Grace, Rina, and Ellen are fantastic for an Electric team comp. The best team comp in ZZZ will consider a few things: namely the Skills and kit of each Agent and the type of damage they deal.

Generally speaking, you want to have a main DPS, a Support, and a Stun character to cover all your bases. You can further enhance a team with the right Bangboo for another buff. Something else to take into consideration is the party effects. Agents get a benefit if they are in team comps with others from their factions, and this is something you can use to your advantage when building teams. Here are the best Zenless Zone Zero team comps:

Team CompSetupBangboo
Corin / Nekomata, Nicole, AnbyAttack, Support, StunAmillion or Magnetiboo
Ellen, Rina, LycaonAttack, Support, StunAfternoon Dessert
Soldier 11, Koleda, Ben / LucyAttack, Stun, Defence / SupportBuilding Heat or Safety
Grace, Rina, EllenAnomaly, Support, AttackMagnetiboo or Plugboo
Ellen, Anby, NicoleAttack, Stun, SupportMagnetiboo or Sharkboo
Lycaon, Soukaku, Ellen Stun, Support, AttackDry Ice Field or Sharkboo.
Nekomata, Koleda, GraceAttack, Stun, AnomalySafety.

Anby, Nicole, Corin

Corin is your main DPS in this party, with Anby covering Stun and Nicole being the Support. Nicole is a fantastic character who can work in a lot of teams since she is currently the only Ether element you can get. If you don’t like Corin, you can slot in Billy to complete the Cunning Hares trifecta. If using all three Cunning Hares, you must use the Amillion Bangboo to get a huge buff to your team when using all three Cunning Hares characters. If you want, you can also switch in Nekomata for Corin, since the former technically counts as a Cunning Hare character.

zzz best team comps - nicole in Zenless zone zero menu
Nicole is currently the only Ether character in the game. Image taken by VideoGamer

Ellen, Rina, Lycaon

This team relies on you having the main S-Rank Agents from the Victoria Housekeeping, which is fairly unrealistic. Ellen is a limited-time character and an extremely strong main DPS. Rina is a great support with AoE attacks and a huge range on her attacks that can keep enemies taking hits, while Lycaon is here for all your Stun needs. Of course, you might not have these three characters right now, but it is something to aim for with enough playtime and pulls.

zenless zone zero best team comps - a woman in a maid outfit in the zzz menu
Rina is a decent support who has a ton of ranged attacks, letting you keep your distance. Image taken by VideoGamer

Soldier 11, Koleda, Ben / Lucy

Burn is a powerful debuff in ZZZ and this team comp will focus on that debuff. With Soldier 11 as your main DPS and Koleda to stun, you’ll have plenty of fire to go around. Ben is optional in the team because he technically enhances Koleda’s attacks and changes her Ultimate, but you can use any other fire character if you have them. Lucy is a good pick if you don’t want to use Ben.

zenless zone zero best team comps - a girl with red hair holding a hammer in the menu
Koleda is unique in that her attacks change when paired with Ben. Image taken by VideoGamer

Grace, Rina, Ellen

Ellen again as the main DPS can work really well with Rina, and Grace is a fantastic Anomly character who can debuff enemies in large groups thanks to the range of her Ex Skill. Even with Ellen as the main, the focus here is an Electric comp, which Rina and Grace will handily cover. If you don’t have Grace, you can use Piper, as she is the only other Anomaly character in the game at the moment. If you don’t have Piper, you can use Anby until you get her.

zzz best teams - a woman called grace stands in the zenless zone zero menu
Grace is a powerful Anomaly character who can shock enemies with ease. Her attacks have great ranged, too. Image taken by VideoGamer

Ellen, Anby, Nicole

This is a mixed DPS team with Ellen as the main damage dealer. You can use any other two characters in these slots, so long as they fit the Support and Stun role. This is flexible and lets you focus on dealing damage with Ellen, grouping enemies with Nicole, and stunning them with Anby.

zzz best team comps - anby demara as seen in the menu of the game
Anby is a free character but that doesn’t stop her from being incredibly powerful. Image taken by VideoGamer

Lycaon, Soukaku, Ellen

The pure Ice team here functions similarly to the other Ellen DPS teams. With Ellen as your main and Soukaku as your support, you’ll inflict plenty of freezes if you use Sharkboo with this comp. You want to focus on using Ellen and spamming her dash attack to get stacks of ice infusion, letting you focus on ice damage over anything else. Lycaon will help keep enemies stunned, giving Ellen free reign to slap them around.

zzz best team comps - a blue woman called soukaku in the menu
Soukaku is a nice support to have in Ice teams, pairing well with Ellen and Lycaon. Image taken by VideoGamer.

Nekomata, Koleda, Grace

Another mixed DPS using Nekomata as your main. Nekomata can fit into any team comp as the main Physical damage dealer, so you should use her if you’ve got her. With Koleda and Grace helping out, you can further benefit from the Safety Bangboo. Feel free to use Soldier 11 in this team comp instead of Nekomata, as the double burn debuff will be easier to inflict with two Fire units in the party.

zenless zone zero best team comps - nekomata standing in the menu
Nekomata is a pure physical character, meaning she can slot in as your main DPS whenever you need physical damage. Image taken by VideoGamer

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