Zenless Zone Zero tier list ranking for the best Agents

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Our Zenless Zone Zero tier list ranking will help you figure out the best characters to use in HoYoverse’s new gacha adventure. With a roster of 16 characters available at launch in version 1.0, we’re trying them all out and placing them in a ranking based on how well they perform for us. This is based on our experience, so you may think differently to us.

zenless zone zero character tier list 1.0 - ellen attacking with ice
Ellen is a powerful S-Tier character, right out of the gate. Image taken by VideoGamer

ZZZ character tier list

Agents in ZZZ are separated into S-Rank and A-Rank characters, but these in-game designators are only to show a character’s rarity. In Genshin’s terms, an S-Rank would be a 5-star unit, for example. We’re going to rank characters using letters, with S being the top tier and C being the lowest. Here’s our tier list ranking all the available Agents in ZZZ that we’ve tried out.

Soldier 11Fire, AttackS
Ellen JoeIce, AttackS
Grace HowardElectric, AnomalyS
Nekomiya ManaPhysical, AttackS
Alexandrina Sebastiane (Rina)Electric, SupportS
Von LycaonIce, StunA
Koleda BelobogFire, StunA
NicoleEther, SupportA
AnbyElectric, StunA
CorinPhysical, AttackA
PiperPhysical, AnomalyB
SoukakuIce, SupportB
LucyFire, SupportC
AntonElectric, AttackC
Billy KidPhysical, AttackC
Ben BiggerFire, DefenseC

S-tier Agents

These are the best of the best in the game so far. If you’ve pulled any of these characters, you’re off to a good start.

zenless zone zero tier list - a woman in a maid outfit
Alexandrina (Rina) is a powerful ranged character. Image taken by VideoGamer

Solider 11 – S-tier

Soldier 11 is a very strong attacker who can imbue her weapon with fire when timing your attacks. After you use her skill, her weapon will have a fire enchant on it for a while, letting you button-mash your way to victory. Her damage is impressive and the power of her Ultimate is especially decent. She essentially plays as a more powerful version of Anby, using more elemental damage in her slick attacks.

Nekomiya Mana – S-tier

For us, we love the playstyle of Nekomiya since she’s all about perfect dodges and counterattacks. When you get a perfect dodge or perfect counter, her normal attacks deal more damage. She has good AoE attacks, letting you keep crowds in check. Counters are good for getting free damage on enemies and her follow-up attack is excellent, hitting multiple times.

Ellen Joe – S-tier

As the first featured S-Rank character in ZZZ, you already know that she’s one of the strongest characters in the game right now. Ellen Joe used Ice and she can imbue her weapon with it while dashing around the arena. With Ice infusion, she deals more damage and this triggers her Flash Freeze charges, which makes her normal attacks more powerful. She’s incredibly fun to play, able to dash about and charged her attacks for great combos.

Grace Howard – S-tier

As an Anomaly character, Grace is fantastic at applying debuffs. Her dual gun weapons are also amazing at hitting multiple targets at once. Shock isn’t the most useful debuff going, but she will help you trigger more debuffs like that on enemies when you use her. Her Skill is also fantastic, throwing multiple grenades at enemies and causing a ton of lightning damage and building shock status.

Alexandrina Sebastiane (Rina) – S-tier

Rina has fantastic range on her attacks, and she deals physical alongside Lightning damage thanks to her two puppets that fight alongside her. The best thing about Rina is her crowd control, able to snipe enemies from very far away. She’s great for dealing with multiple enemies at once, especially with her counter and ultimate.

A-tier Agents

These Agents are extremely decent and you should try to build some of these if you have them. Nicole and Anby are especially powerful, and both of these are free characters.

zenless zone zero tier list - a woman with a sword and gray hair
Despite her status as a free character, Anby is actually great. Image taken by VideoGamer

Koleda Belobog – A-tier

Koleda has a fun combat mechanic where you can trigger more fire damage by detonating her normal attacks to deal splash damage to foes and burn them. She can be finicky to nail down the timings, which makes her a bit more challenging to play properly. If you can get into the flow with her normal and special attacks, you’ll have a lot of fun playing as Koleda.

Von Lycaon – A-tier

Lycaon has an interesting moveset and flows to his attacks, letting you charge up his normal hits to deal increased ice damage to foes. While we weren’t super impressed with his attacks, you can’t deny that he can dish out a lot of damage simply by using his normal attacks. Holding down his special attack lets you do more damage.

Nicole – A-tier

Nicole is the only free Ether character you get, making her especially invaluable and strong. As of patch 1.0, the limited S-Rank Agent Zhu Yuan is the only other Ether character, and her banner isn’t live yet. Ether is especially strong at the moment because it is the only way to inflict Corruption status on foes. Nicole is also great for grouping enemies together with her special attack and ultimate.

Anby – A-tier

Anby is a fantastic character you get for free. She’s a standard stun DPS and excels at filling up any foe’s stun gauge leaving them open to being pummelled. Anby has great wide slashes on her attacks and some of her normal attacks are infused with lightning. For a free character, she can be a powerful stunner.

Corin – A-tier

Corin might not appear to be a strong character, but we’ve found her extremely useful so far. As your only other free character who specialises in physical attacks, she outshines Billy Kid in every way. Her skill lets her hold her revved saw to continuously hit the enemy and stop them from moving. Her counters are powerful, too, making her a fantastic main DPS.

Piper – A

Piper is a fantastic stun unit that can really dish out the damage. Her stun buildup is decent thanks to how you can hold her Special attack to spin on the spot, hitting in an AoE and several times. She also can deal a lot of damage, able to juggle and interrupt enemies with her powerful combos, especially after a counter. She’s also the only A-Rank Anomaly character in the game so far, with the only other being Grace, the S-Rank Agent on the standard banner.

B-tier Agents

Lucy – B

We’ve not obtained Lucy, so we can’t talk too much about how well she performs. Once we get her, we’ll update this entry with more accurate information. At a glance, Lucy seems to be too reliant on her Guard Boar summons, and this might impact how much help she can provide if you have to keep an eye on that.

Soukaku – B-tier

Soukaku is a support character who seems to be more geared toward dealing damage than anything else. Her special attack is great for AoE damage. Her kit sees her continue to buff her Flag special attacks, which can be held or pressed to keep attacking. We haven’t had a ton of time to test out Soukaku, but at the moment we think she performs nicely. In terms of the other supports, she’s outshined by Nicole.

C-tier Agents

Billy Kid – C-tier

Billy Kid is, sadly, fairly underwhelming. The only good thing about his kit is his counters, but even they are outperformed by the likes of Corin. He can shoot enemies and keep constant damage, while also being able to reposition, but it doesn’t change the fact he’s not very fun to play. You might feel differently, but we don’t rate Billy highly at all for these reasons. His damage is also lacklustre so far.

Ben Bigger C-tier

While Ben is currently the only defence Agent in the game, he’s still not very good. Defence isn’t entirely useful in the early parts of the game, so you should always opt for characters who can deal damage or buff your other party members. We might revise this tier for Ben as more content comes out, but for now he doesn’t do anything impressive.

Anton – C-tier

Anton is fairly underwhelming in almost every situation. He wants you to use him on the field for a long time, but there are other characters who can just do what he does better and more effectively. As a lightning attacker, he’s outshined by Anby and the likes of Nicole. With a main DPS losing out to support characters, you know he’s simply not very good.

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