Best Zenless Zone Zero weapons

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  • The best weapons in ZZZ depend on the character. Each Agent has a signature W-Engine (weapon), which is perfectly geared towards their play style.
  • Every S-Rank character has a unique S-Rank W-Engine that is their best weapon. This is the same for A-Rank Agents.

The best Zenless Zone Zero weapons are different for each character. W-Engines are the official weapon names in ZZZ, and the good news is that every single Agent essentially has a best-in-slot weapon that matches their type and playstyle. Even A-Rank Agents have a signature W-Engine, and the game will tell you as much. Here are the best weapons in ZZZ and who you should give them to.

Best W-Engines in ZZZ

The best W-Engine weapons in Zenless Zone Zero depend on the character you give it to. There are different types of characters in the game and these types dictate which W-Engine they can use. Support can only use Support-type weapons, and so on. The B-Rank weapons aren’t anything special and should only be used as a placeholder until you can get your hands on your character’s signature W-Engine.

When it comes to building your team comps, investing in your weapons is important, but it is arguably more important to give your weapons to the correct characters. We’ve taken a look through all the W-Engines in the game as of patch 1.0 and put together a list of the best weapons for each Agent, which you can find below:

AgentBest W-Engine
Anby DemaraDemara Battery Mark II (A-Rank)
Anton IvanovDrill Rig – Red Axis (A-Rank)
Ben BiggerBig Cylinder (A-Rank)
Billy KidStarlight Engine Replica (A-Rank)
Corin WickesHousekeeper (A-Rank)
Ellen JoeDeep Sea Visitor (S-Rank, limited)
Grace HowardFusion Compiler (S-Rank)
Koleda BelobogHellfire Gears (S-Rank)
Lucy (Luciana de Montefio)Kaboom the Cannon (A-Rank)
Von LycaonThe Restrained (S-Rank)
Nekomata (Nekomiya Mana)Steel Cushion (S-Rank)
Nicole DemaraThe Vault (A-Rank)
Piper WheelRoaring Ride (A-Rank)
Rina (Alexandrina Sebastiane)Weeping Cradle (S-Rank)
Soldier 11The Brimstone (S-Rank)
SoukakuBashful Demon (A-Rank)
Zhu YuanRiot Suppressor Mark VI (S-Rank, limited)

As a note, the Riot Suppressor Mark VI is currently not in the game. This W-Engine will be released on a weapon banner when Zhu Yuan’s banner is up during the second phase of 1.0. At the time of writing, there are eight A-Rank W-Engines that have no optimal character. It stands to reason these W-Engines will be used later as someone else’s signature weapon, or they could simply be decent alternatives until you get the one you want. Five of them are obtained from the New Eridu City Fund battle pass.

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