Will CSGO skins carry over to Counter Strike 2?

Will CSGO skins carry over to Counter Strike 2?
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Following on from the reveal of Counter Strike 2, you’d be right for wondering if your skins will carry over from CS:GO.

Currently, the limited test is all we have to go off, as the full game is set for a Summer 2023 launch. The development team have implemented changes to smokes and game modes, alongside texture and graphics overhauls for the whole game. Fans are incredibly excited to get involved with Counter Strike 2, though some may be nervously wondering if their expensive skins are going to carry over from CS:GO to Counter Strike 2.

Will my CS:GO skins carry over to Counter Strike 2?

Well, according to the Steam FAQ: All of your weapon finishes, stickers, and other CS:GO inventory items will be available to use in Counter Strike 2. So, yes, all of your skins will carry over to Counter Strike 2.

As we’ve mentioned in our inventory article: Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test players cannot modify inventory items within Counter Strike 2, meaning you’re going to have to do this in Global Offensive.

When the game does finally release later on this year, you’re going to be able to bring all of your in-game skins with you, which is nothing but good news.

Make sure to check in with us in the future for updates on if you can sign up for the beta, and if the game is playable on console.