Is Counter Strike 2 coming to console? In short, no.

Is Counter Strike 2 coming to console? In short, no.
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Ahead of the big release, we’re wondering – is Counter Strike 2 coming to console?

Counter Strike 2 is the latest and greatest update from the Counter Strike series, announced on March 22nd. If you’re here, you’re probably one of the many gamers brimming with excitement at what the next update might bring.

The CS2 twitter team themselves have enjoyed stirring the pot, highlighting the new smoke grenade feature and ‘cleaner, brighter, better’ visuals.

Ahead of the game’s release forecast for this summer, Valve has released a Limited Test version of Counter Strike 2. It’s only available for selected players which only builds the hype higher, especially for console players. Naturally, we’ve covered whether you can sign up for the Beta test if you’re interested.

Indeed, we’re not surprised that gamers are trying to find out if Counter Strike 2 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Is Counter Strike 2 coming to console?

In short, we don’t think so. Heartbreaking, we know.

Of course, we’re not all-seeing and can’t predict the future. We could still see Counter Strike 2 on PlayStation and Xbox ahead of its final release.

However, the Limited Test version is currently only available for Windows, and not compatible with either Xbox Series X or PS5. Valve themselves have said that the Limited Test ‘only evaluates a subset of Counter Strike 2’s features so that major issues can be resolved before the summer.’

So, while we can definitely hope that Counter Strike 2 will come to console in the future, nothing’s been specified by Valve to suggest that it’s coming any time soon.

Frequently asked questions

Can CS:GO be played on console?

Yes, CSGO is available on Xbox One through the Microsoft Store. If you have PS4, you can use the remote play to stream the game to your PS4 console too.

Was Counter Strike ever on console?

Yes it was – if you take yourself back to the golden year of 2012, Counter Strike was playable on Xbox 360 and PS3.