Counter Strike 2 smoke changes explained

Counter Strike 2 smoke changes explained
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Following on from the launch of Counter Strike 2’s limited test, we’re going to be going over all of the changes made to CS2’s smokes.

Counter Strike 2 will introduce responsive smokes that dynamically react with the environment. This includes gunfire, enemy bodies, lighting and explosions. While the original Counter Strike: Global Offensive launched in 2012, there’s no secret that the Source physics engine is slightly outdated.

With the introduction of the Source 2 engine, the updated Counter Strike 2 physics are sure to change how dynamics of how to play CS, so let’s over the responsive smoke changes.

Counter Strike 2 responsive smoke changes

Valve’s official Counter Strike 2: Responsive Smokes video was technically the official announcement that CS2 was in the pipe-line. With basically no other announcement aside from footage of a very niche and specific mechanic, it really was the most Valve way to announce a game.

One of the main ways that Valve are looking to improve smoke behaviour in CS2 is by allowing it to grow and fill physical space, much like in real life, and by synchronising how it behaves for all players.

This is a huge evolution for the previous smoke mechanic, which took a one-way-corridor approach, in which one player could see through it fully, while others had their view obstructed.

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Aside from the physics behaviour of the smoke itself, the smoke grenades have had a huge overhaul. Advanced physical interaction with the environment has now been implemented, while players themselves can shoot through smoke plumes to snatch pockets of visibility.

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for relevant news surrounding Counter Strike 2, including if the game can be played on PS5 or Xbox Series X. Make sure to check back in periodically for the latest updates.