Best Battle Rifles in Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded

Best Battle Rifles in Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded
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The best Battle Rifles in Warzone 2 are some of the strongest weapons you can wield in battle royale. However, the damage they can dish out is offset by their rate of fire and magazine size, so you will need to make some attachment tweaks to each one to make them more effective.

However, another way you can make up for this weapon category’s weakness is by pairing it with one of the best Warzone 2 SMGs as their high rate of fire can help you when you’re in a pinch. Naturally, we’d recommend dropping into Al Mazrah with your best Fennec 45 loadout or your best MP5 loadout so you can have a much easier time hunting down that elusive battle royale victory.

We’ll walk you through what we believe are the best Battle Rifles in Warzone 2, and we’ll be providing regular updates as the meta continues to evolve.

Best Battle Rifles in Warzone 2

Even though Battle Rifles have often been infamous for their slow rates of fire, some weapons within this category have a full-auto setting that bypasses this weakness entirely. Keep in mind, though, that their default magazine sizes still leave a lot to be desired so you may need to make some attachment adjustments before you start equipping this in battle royale. With that said, check out our picks for the best Battle Rifles below.


Warzone 2 Battle Rifle: Lachmann-762
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The Lachmann’s strength doesn’t come from deadly single shots, but from an increased magazine size compared to most other battle rifles. An extended mag allows the Lachmann-762 to function in both semi-auto and even full-auto modes with some modification, providing overwhelming firepower when compared to more limited weapons in its class. 


A somewhat lacking magazine size means that the TAQ-V’s powerful shots must be rationed carefully. If you can conserve your shots for when it really counts, and avoid being ambushed halfway through a clip, then you should be able to outgun most other opponents in Warzone 2.  

The TAQ-V’s slow rate of fire means that you won’t be chewing through ammo as quickly as you’d think, and the shots that connect are incredibly damaging.

FTAC Recon 

FTAC Recon
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Bullet velocity and effective distance are the FTAC Recon’s main talking points, and they’ll be more than enough to keep you alive in Warzone 2’s cutthroat battle royale environment. 

This may not be the most balanced option among battle rifles – its close-range game being hampered by worse-than-average hip fire, and its lacking in recoil control requires careful practice to mitigate. But it is an efficient and powerful weapon at distance. Keep opponents at bay and gun them down with a rapid burst of bullets. 

Battle Rifle FAQ 

What are the best Battle Rifles in Warzone 2?

The Lachmann-762, TAQ-V and FTAC Recon are the best-performing Battle Rifles in Warzone 2.

What is the fastest TTK rifle in Warzone 2?

The fastest TTK rifle in Warzone 2 at the time of writing is the Cronen Squall battle rifle.