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Best SMGs in Warzone 2 

Warzone 2 vehicles
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With Warzone 2’s arrival, players are clamoring to see what the best weapons to bring into the CoD Battle Royale will be, including SMGs. 

We’ve spent a good deal of time with both Warzone 2 and MW2, and we’re assessing the strongest-performing weapon classes in Warzone 2. We’re going to help you select the strongest SMGs to take into battle with you and outpace your opponents. 

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We’ll keep this guide updated as the Warzone 2 meta develops, so you can always be equipped with the best of the best. 

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Warzone 2 Best SMGs: FSS Hurricane 

Warzone 2 Best SMGs: FSS Hurricane
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

The Hurricane has been an overwhelmingly powerful, lethal SMG since MW2’s launch, and the same level of performance is already on display in Warzone 2. If you’re looking for a reliable SMG pick, the FSS hurricane is at the top of the list and is practically unbeatable as a fast-paced close-range choice. 

Warzone 2 Best SMGs: Lachmann Sub 

Warzone 2 Best SMGs: Lachmann Sub MP5
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

The SMG so good it was nerfed in MW2 right out of the gate. While it’s no longer the overwhelmingly superior choice that it once was, the Lachmann Sub is still a fantastic weapon pick, and it is set to be as dominant in Warzone 2 as it was in MW2. With an insane TTK at mid-close range, all the Lachmann Sub needs to excel the ability to close with your opponent. 

Warzone 2 ought to give you plenty of time to make the best use of the Lachman Sub, just be sure to watch out for long-range specialists as you close the gap with them. 

Best SMGs: Fennec 45 

Fennec 45
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

SMGs are at their best in MW2 when you can find a way to force opponents into close-up firefights, and the trend is continuing in Warzone 2. But sprinting across an open field is an easy way to get yourself picked off by an eagle-eyed marksman. Getting into effective SMG range often requires employing careful positioning and movement strategies.  

The inherent stealth offered by the Fennec makes it a great tool for surprising opponents and catching them off-guard, and its damage once you do so is no slouch either. 

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Best SMGs: VEL 46 

The VEL 46 is a highly versatile option within the SMG field, as its hip-fire stability works well for run-and-gun strategies, while also boasting speedy ADS for more accurate shots. While an SMG will always be a more specialized tool than a true all-rounder, the VEL 46 offers a degree of flexibility to your loadout that makes it an appealing choice. 

Warzone 2 SMG FAQ 

What is the best SMG in Warzone 2? 

The FSS Hurricane, Lachmann Sub, Fennec 45, and VEL 46 are the best SMGs in Warzone 2.