*LATEST* Warzone 2 Game Modes List

*LATEST* Warzone 2 Game Modes List
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Warzone 2 brings plenty of classic and entertaining match types to the widely popular battle royale mode. Its arrival also marks a new era in the game as it brings a ton of new features that players will surely enjoy.

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Warzone players may already be familiar with some of the modes on offer for this new iteration. However, there are still plenty of improvements and additions that have been made which warrants a reintroduction.

If you want to know more about the game types on offer for the the follow-up, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a comprehensive list of the current playable modes on Warzone 2 that fans can drop into immediately.

All Game Modes in Warzone 2

Courtesy of Call of Duty MW2

Warzone 2 contains the typical match types that are present in most battle royale titles such as Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads. The most notable addition to the follow-up, however, is the new high-stakes game mode called DMZ.

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Here’s the full list of game modes currently included in Warzone 2:

Battle Royale Solos

The usual 150 player match lobby where you’ll be navigating the map on your own.

Battle Royale Duos

A typical 150 player battle royale match type where teams are composed of two operators.

Battle Royale Trios

This is your classic trios mode that’s composed of 150 players where teams contain three operators each.

Battle Royale Quads

Lobbies in this mode are still composed of 152 players except teams contain four operators each.

Resurgence Solos

The fast-paced variant of the battle royale now has a version that features solo players only. This edition still contains 52 players, but you’re on your own this time around so be careful.

Resurgence Duos

Players can now drop into Ashika Island in pairs! If you lack members to make up a full four-player squad, then you can simply select this mode to drop in with one partner.

Resurgence Trios

Resurgence Trios features three-player teams that is still made up of a 52-player lobby.

Resurgence Quads

Resurgence Mode has now made its way back into the CoD franchise and is now available as a Warzone 2 game mode. Featuring a smaller map and only 52 total players, this experience is meant to be shorter and much faster compared to the traditional battle royale modes.


DMZ still allows players to group up with others before dropping in to a match. The difference is instead of fighting to be the last team standing, operators will have to loot, survive, and exfiltrate in order to earn rewards. Dying or being unable to exfil from a match penalizes you heavily because you will lose all items in your inventory apart from your Insured Weapon.

These are all of the game modes included in Warzone 2 at the time of writing. However, we do expect Infinity Ward and Activision to introduce more improvements and additions to the game as the season rolls on.

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New Game Mode In Warzone 2

Resurgence Mode has finally arrived and players looking for a fast-paced alternative to the traditional battle royale experience can now jump into it. The revamped game mode was reintroduced as part of Season 2 and features a new map called Ashika Island.

Previous Game Modes In Warzone 2

Unhinged Battle Royale Trios was removed following the arrival of the Season 01 Reloaded patch. In case you who don’t know, Unhinged Battle Royale was a new twist on the ordinary three-person team match type. In the Unhinged mode, the game allowed players to assimilate an enemy team essentially creating a group of six operators.

Mini Battle Royale Trios and 3rd Person Battle Royale Duos have also both been excluded with the release of the game’s second season.

3rd Person Battle Royale Trios is currently not on the Warzone 2 playlist as well.

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