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Best MP5 Loadout in Modern Warfare 2 

Call of Duty MW2
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The MP5 – or Lachmann Sub, to use its new title – is a strong contender for the best gun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

With insane speed, accuracy, and damage potential, the MP5 can rapidly accelerate Modern Warfare 2’s already speedy TTK, allowing you to easily gun down any and all opposition.

We’ve already shown you how to unlock the MP5 in Modern Warfare 2, and now we’ll walk you through how to get the most out of this incredibly potent tool. 

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Modern Warfare 2 – What Is The MP5 Called?

Should you have missed it in the intro, the MP5 is called the ‘Lachmann Sub‘ in MW2. It is one of the best submachine guns in the game right now and makes for a fun weapon to level up. Down below, we provide our very best MP5 loadout for you to use in MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 – Best MP5 Loadout

Modern Warfare 2 MP5 Loadout
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The MP5 deals swift, accurate damage more reliably than pretty much any other piece of kit available to you in Modern Warfare 2. You may wish to adjust your loadout in order to consolidate the MP5’s strength as much as possible, but even the most basic version of the gun will cut through the opposition with very little effort. 

You’re also afforded excellent movement speed when wielding the MP5, allowing you to break from cover to cover, flank, and get up close as and when needed.

Don’t get locked down in a disadvantageous position with the Lachmann Sub, you will almost always have both the mobility and the firepower to get yourself back into a better position. 

Modern Warfare 2 – How To Unlock The MP5

Given its incredible power, the MP5 is understandably one of the trickier guns to unlock in Modern Warfare 2. We’ll run you through how to get your hands on this powerful tool in the first place.

  • First, level up to progression rank 16, at which point, you’ll unlock the Lachmann-762. 
  • Use the Lachmann-556 until you reach rank 13 with the weapon, which will unlock the LM-16 Receiver.
  • In the Gunsmith, equip the LM-16 Receiver to the Lachmann-762 Battle Rifle, which will allow you to use it as the Lachmann-556 Assault Rifle. 
  • Rank up the Lachmann-556 to rank 12 and unlock the Lach-9 Receiver.  
  • Finally, swap out the Lachmann-556’s Receiver for the Lach-9, at which point you’ll be able to use it as the Lachmann Sub/MP5. 

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Modern Warfare 2 – Best Perks To Equip With The MP5 

Modern Warfare 2 MP5 Perks
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Recommended PerksAlternatives
Cold-BloodedBasic: Tracker
HardlineBonus: Quick Fix
Ultimate: Ghost


Though the MP5 will allow you to outgun opponents equipped with most other weapons, you can still be overpowered by overwhelming numbers or well-prepared teams. The Cold-Blooded perk allows you to get the drop on other players much more easily. Once you’re in position and they’re in your sights, you can let the MP5 do the rest. 


It can be hard to match the MP5’s insane, reliable damage with conventional tools. In which case, why not extend your lead with some overwhelming firepower? 

Hardline will allow you to access Killstreaks quicker than usual. Given how deadly the MP5 can be, you’ll likely be racking up kills and claiming their rewards sooner than later. 

Modern Warfare 2 – Best Tactical Equipment to Use With The MP5 

Modern Warfare 2 MP5 Equipment
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Flash Grenade 

Sometimes, all you need is to find a break in your opponents’ fire, allowing you to get a shot in yourself. The Flash grenade allows you to bring an enemy offensive to a screeching halt, leaving them in a vulnerable position, ready to be picked off by the MP5. 


MW2’s speedy TTK can be a double-edged sword at times. It allows you to cut down opponents in seconds with the MP5. But you can be equally fragile, even against enemies using less optimal gear. If you want to stay alive long enough to start racking up Killstreaks, having the reliable health regeneration provided by the Stim is near essential. 

Modern Warfare 2 – Best Attachments For The MP5 

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Lockgrip Precision 40 Underbarrel

The MP5 is a highly accurate tool when using ADS. But sometimes you’re going to need to use hip-fire in the heat of battle. The Lockgrip can help with that, shoring up your accuracy even when you don’t have the time for careful aiming. 

Lockshot KT85 Muzzle

With the Lockshot KT85, the MP5’s recoil is reduced even further, turning this already accurate weapon into a pinpoint tool of destruction. 

L38 Falcon 226mm Barrel

The mobility boost afforded by this barrel will shave your ADS time down significantly, allowing you to drop opponents the second you have eyes on them.

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Modern Warfare 2 – Best Weapons To Pair With The MP5 

Extra Weapons
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Signal 50 Sniper Rifle

While the MP5 is an incredibly accurate tool, its damage potential still falls off somewhat at long ranges. If you want a weapon that can cover any distance and deal overwhelming one-shot damage, the Signal 50 is exactly what you need. Modern Warfare 2’s first Sniper Rifle is the best choice for popping heads at ranges that the MP5 struggles with. 

X13 Auto Handgun

The MP5 works so well in almost every area that focusing too much on a secondary main weapon can feel redundant. It is entirely valid to pass up Overkill and choose basic perks that will more fully benefit the MP5, in which case the X13 serves fine as a last-resort alternative. 

Modern Warfare 2 – MP5 Loadout FAQ

What is the Best MP5 Loadout in Modern Warfare 2?

  • Perks – Cold Blood, Hardline 
  • Tactical Equipment – Flash Grenade, Stim 
  • Attachments – Lockgrip Precision 40 Underbarrel, Lockshot KT85 Muzzle, L38 Falcon 226mm Barrel 
  • Weapon Pairing – Signal 50 Sniper Rifle, X13 Auto Handgun 

What is the MP5 called in Modern Warfare 2?

The MP5 is called the ‘Lachmann Sub’ in MW2.

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