UFC 5 – How to change weight class

UFC 5 – How to change weight class
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Wondering how to change weight class in UFC 5? Then you’ve come to the right place. The new title is available now, with a hosts of new and improved modes ready and waiting for you to get stuck into.

Once again you will be able to create your own fighter to take into the octagon. You will be tasked with selecting a weight class when you initially create your fighter.

However you will be able to change this further down the line should you so desire. Given the revealed UFC 5 ratings, you may want to go up or down to challenge some of the best around.

Here is how to do exactly that in UFC 5.

How to change weight class in UFC 5

There are a total of nine weight classes in UFC 5, they differ depending on whether you are fighting in the women’s division, or the men’s division.

The full breakdown of weight classes are as follows:

  • Strawweight (0-115 lb) – Women
  • Flyweight (115-125 lb) – Men & Women
  • Bantamweight (125-135 lb) – Men & Women
  • Featherweight (135-145 lb) – Men
  • Lightweight (145-155 lb) – Men
  • Welterweight (155-170 lb) – Men
  • Middleweight (170-185 lb) – Men
  • Light Heavyweight (185-205 lb) – Men
  • Heavyweight (205-265 lb) – Men

There is no skill difference between the weight classes, however there are obvious differences in terms of gameplay when you are inside the octagon.

The lighter weight classes will move much more freely, with strikes thrown at much higher rate. Meanwhile the heavier weight classes will throw strikes less frequently, but with much more power. The choice is yours.

If you wish to change the weight class of your fighter then you can do so by following these steps:

  • Open UFC 5
  • Select ‘Customise’
  • Select ‘Create Fighter’ or ‘Edit Fighter’
  • Select the fighter whose weight class you wish to amend.
  • Select ‘Attributes’
  • Select ‘Weight Class’
  • Choose your desired weight class
  • Save your changes

It is worth noting that you should ensure that you amend your fighters attributes in accordance with their weight class. For instance, if you are jumping from a featherweight to a heavyweight, you ought to focus more on your fighters strength, rather than their speed.

That is everything that you need to know about how to change weight classes in UFC 5.