Void Intercept bosses in The First Descendant in order and how to unlock them

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✓ At a glance
  • Eight Void Intercept bosses in the game drop rare loot like Amorphous materials.
  • Unlock them by playing the main campaign and speaking to Seneca in Albion.
  • Three more bosses are tied to the Hard Intercept mode.

Void Intercept bosses are an interesting addition to Nexon’s looter shooter. Beating them grants some impressive loot, letting you unlock more characters and ultimate weapons. This opens up The First Descendant with more playstyles to tinker with and builds to optimise. But it can take a while to figure out how to encounter and beat these massive Colossi effectively. Read on to learn about all the threats you can expect and how to master these battles.

A player speaks to Seneca in The First Descendant.
Seneca is your portal into Void Intercept battles. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How to unlock Void Intercept bosses

The game has eight Void Intercept bosses that increasingly pose a bigger threat to your teammates in stylised battles set in an alternate reality. Speak to Seneca in Albion to be teleported into these combat encounters to earn rewards like weapons, reactors, and components. You can also pick these on the world map. You’ll have to watch out for their attack patterns and target their weaknesses to take them down without losing the Colossus mission. Here are all the Void Intercept bosses and how you can unlock their battles:

Void Intercept bossLevelHow to unlock
Grave Walker10Finish Humanity’s Scourge mission
Stunning Beauty22Finish Mysterious Attraction mission
Executioner34Finish Void Radar Upgrade mission
Dead Bride44Finish The Consequences of Jeremy’s Actions mission
Devourer54Finish Continuing Threat mission
Pyromaniac66Finish Karel’s Trap mission
Swamp Walker82Finish Turning Crisis into Opportunity mission
Hanged Man95Finish A Certain Prologue mission

All Hard Void Intercept bosses

These bosses are a step above the regular Void Intercept ones. Unlock these at the Hard-mode Executioner after the “Colossi from Another Dimension” quest in the main campaign. While some of them are tougher variants of some familiar threats, three of them are exclusive to this tougher difficulty mode. Check out our tips and tricks if these threats are thinning down your allies. Here are all the hard bosses you can expect in The First Descendant: 

Hard Void Intercept bossLevel
Dead Bride106
Swamp Walker118
Frost Walker126
Molten Fortress130
A player checks the Stunning Beauty boss in The First Descendant.
Stunning Beauty is strong against electric attacks. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Tips for clearing Void Intercept battles

Here are some effective tips for players having a tough time with Void Intercept battles:

  • Change your Descendant based on enemy weaknesses: While the first couple of bosses won’t be tough, you’ll slowly need to optimise your build based on their weaknesses to survive. For instance, the Grave Walker is weak to Ice attacks. Mods on your weapons can add elemental damage too.
  • Team composition is important: While you can all pick the same character whose attacks are effective against a boss, mixing them up can help too. Yujin’s heals and Viessa’s freeze moves are effective in most situations so they can back up direct damage dealers and tankier characters.
  • Play with others via Public Intercept: While you can play these battles solo, we recommend teaming up with friends or strangers. That’s because one of them can cause a distraction while others target the boss’ weak spots for maximum damage. But remember that boss health scales with the number of players. The Dead Bride in particular is a nuisance with allies so consider doing it solo in The First Descendant. 
  • Focus on weak points after destroying parts: Before a battle, you’ll be provided with intel on what parts you should target on a boss. After focusing fire on destructible parts, you’ll expose the boss’ weak points for other players to take advantage of. If any of these parts turn yellow, you’ll be able to grapple towards the boss and rip off this part. Just remember not to get hit by AoE attacks.
  • Remember to protect your allies: If an ally is downed, quickly get to them and revive them. While it’s generally a good idea to optimise your team’s damage, this serves another purpose. Your team of friends of random players can only take three deaths before you fail the mission. Also, be mindful of the timer as the mission ends if you don’t beat the boss before the time limit.
  • It’s okay to lean on tricks: Some bosses are particularly difficult so it’s okay to sidestep some of the challenges with tools the game gives you. Most players tend to struggle with Dead Bride so if you want to beat her fast, YouTuber GuidingLight does a good job of covering her phases and attacks.

Is it worth defeating Void Intercept bosses?

While you’ll need to defeat these bosses at least once while progressing the story, you should return to them if you want to farm materials and a ton of loot. The Reconstructed Device that drops after a successful battle will let you earn Amorphous Material Patterns for specific unlocks. These items can then be used to unlock ultimate weapons or Descendants like Bunny. It’s also a great source of Kuiper Shards that you can use to upgrade your modules. You’ll unlock these encounters naturally as you progress in the campaign so don’t worry about unlocking them in The First Descendant.

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