How to get and open Amorphous Materials in The First Descendant

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✓ At a glance
  • Amorphous Materials drop from various content at various drop percentages.
  • Check the research menu to see where you get the Amorphous Material you need.
  • When you get the Amorphous Material, you now need to find the Void Interceptor boss that opens your Amorphous Material and defeat it.
  • When you defeat it, you then have a chance to get a reward from that Material, which may be the item you originally targeted the Material for in the first place.

Amorphous Materials are the main lootable gacha item in The First Descendant. No matter what content you’re looking to unlock, whether it be a new Descendant or weapon, chances are Amorphous Materials are involved. So, this guide will help you learn how to open Amorphous Materials in The First Descendant, along with finding out how to get them.

Amorphous Materials can drop from a variety of content, such as this Operation timed event mission. Image captured via VideoGamer.

How to get Amorphous Materials in The First Descendant

Typically, you’ll get Amorphous materials from a range of content, such as:

  • Void Interceptor Missions
  • Events during Operation maps
  • Dungeons
  • And more

Amorphous Materials are primarily a consumable item that drops from various gameplay challenges. If they do drop, you’ll find they contain gacha rolls for weapon and descendant research parts with various percentage chances of their own.  So, a core part of the gameplay loot is grinding and getting multiple Amorphous Materials, the same one multiple times and then opening them for the best odds of finally grabbing what you need. 

To make target farming your descendant or weapon research easier, we recommend going to the research screen in Albion. Once there, go to the weapon or Descendant research you want to make. From there, you can check the source of where the research items come from and start target farming that bit of content for your desired items.

If you want some assistance figuring out what Amorphous Materials to farm, take a look at our Descendant tier list for an idea of what characters you want to unlock.

How to open Amorphous Materials in The First Descendant

To open Amorphous Materials in the First Descendant, you need to defeat Void Interceptor bosses. Each boss can open around four different types of Amorphous Materials. To check which boss you need we recommend doing the following:

  1. Go to Albion, and visit Seneca by the landing strip to check on Void Intercept Missions. 
  2. Scroll through the bosses, and you’ll see what Amorphous Materials that boss can open.
  3. The boss will have a green tick for each Amorphous Material you currently have in your consumables inventory.
  4. Queue for that boss, and then defeat it.
  5. When the boss is defeated, it shall spawn a Reconstructed Device for you to use your Amorphous Materials on.
  6. Use the Amorphous Material and get a random chance at loot from a list of loot available to that material.

Note that the bosses need to be unlocked by completing the prerequisite main story quest. Furthermore, you need to reach a similar level to the boss in question too, otherwise, they remain locked. Once you hit both prerequisites for a boss, you should be able to see which boss opens which Amorphous Material. If you have that material, you can now go ahead and defeat the boss, use the device, and get lucky you get the item you want from the Amorphous Material.

In some instances, you may also need to open Amorphous Materials via Void Reactors missions. Examples of this include Valby’s Materials, which are open via the Void Reactor missions in the Echo Swamp. We have a guide on Void Fragments and Void Shards to help you there too if you’re interested.

This covers the basics of how Amorphous Materials work in The First Descendant. You now know how to get them, the luck involved, and how to open them, and the luck involved for the item you want. Good luck with the grind!

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