How to unlock Bunny in The First Descendant

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✓ At a glance
  • Get Bunny Enhanced Cells from the Vulgus Field Generator mission.
  • Clear the Magister Lab mission to get the Bunny Stabilizer.
  • Obtain the Bunny Spiral Catalyst from the Vulgus Data Transmitter mission.
  • Finish the Slumber Valley mission to get the Amorphous Material Pattern: Bunny item.
  • Kill a Grave Walker to get the Bunny Code and use these materials at Magister Anais alongside 400,000 Gold to unlock Bunny.

The First Descendant lets you pick from three starting characters and the next Descendant you can unlock is Bunny. Her movement-oriented kit and lightning attacks are pretty solid early on so she’s definitely worth unlocking. While the main storyline quests will help you get closer to this goal, some bits can be confusing. Here’s how you can finish the quest that unlocks Bunny.

How to get Bunny

Bunny is unlocked by finishing the Obtain Bunny Suit Basic Materials quest. You get this mission from Bunny at the Fallen Theater. It’s broadly split into five steps. Read on for a detailed explanation that will cover how to get through them without any snags along the way. It involves getting the following resources:

  • Bunny Enhanced Cells
  • Bunny Stabilizer
  • Bunny Spiral Catalyst
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: Bunny
  • Bunny Code
A player attaches a bomb to a field generator in The First Generator.
Use bombs to clear field generators. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Bunny Enhanced Cells

Get Bunny Enhanced Cells from the Vulgus Field Generator mission in Kingston. This is one of the first missions that you’ll do near the Fallen Theater outpost as a part of the main story. It involves picking up bombs and interacting with field generators. It’s pretty simple and you’ll have to do it to progress in the campaign.

A player faces a boss in the Magister Lab in The First Descendant.
Take down powerful foes with abilities. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Bunny Stabilizer

Finish the Magister Lab mission in Kingston to get the Bunny Stabilizer. This mission will be locked at first so just finish regular missions (marked in pink) before the Magister Lab opens up. This one’s pretty straightforward too, especially if you invite friends. It’ll have you face waves of enemies and will finally throw a boss at you. They’re fairly simple as well as long as you keep damaging them from safety. Don’t forget to use your abilities often as mana drops are common.

A player hacks a data transmitter in The First Descendant.
Hack data transmitters to call in more enemies. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Bunny Spiral Catalyst

Acquire the Bunny Spiral Catalyst from the Vulgus Data Transmitter mission in Kingston. This is another simple quest that will be available once you clear the Magister Lab mission. Simply interact with the transmitters to hack them and clear the area of enemies.

A player fights Greg in The First Descendant.
Take down Greg’s drones to make them vulnerable. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Amorphous Material Pattern: Bunny

Finish the Attack the Command Center Slumber Valley mission to get the Amorphous Material Pattern: Bunny item. Once again, it’s a longer mission that involves beating a variety of enemies before facing the boss Greg. Chip away at their health and take down the three drones orbiting him whenever they turn him immune to damage. Use our beginners’ guide if you’re struggling to damage Greg. Clear the mission and you’ll gain this component.

A player fights the Grave Walker in The First Descendant.
Take down the Grave Walker for the Bunny code. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Bunny Code

The last step involves speaking to Seneca near the starting area to start the Humanity’s Scourge quest. This Void Intercept mission involves killing a Grave Walker and it’ll be tougher than the one you faced in the first campaign mission. Just stay away from its missiles and bullet fire with the help of the pillars in the arena. You can also highlight its weak spots by pressing Tab on PC. It’ll go down quickly if you join a public event to face this threat. Once it’s been defeated, go near its body and activate the Reconstructed Device by interacting with it. This is crucial so don’t forget to do so. You can then pick the Bunny Code as a reward.

✓ Antony’s tip

Try joining a public event if you aren’t playing with friends. Let your allies distract the Grave Walker so that you can target its weak spots without worrying about enemy fire.

Return to Magister Anais

Anais the Research Institute Magister can be found at the back of the Albion base. You can find her marked on the map. Hand over the resources you’ve found and 400,000 Gold and you’ll unlock Bunny in a minute (research time). While I hesitated to fork over so much money, you’ll quickly get it back via follow-up quests. Open your Inventory and head to the Descendant tab to switch to Bunny. While you can buy Bunny directly with 300 Caliber, save your premium currency for other unlocks. 

Is it worth unlocking Bunny for that much Gold?

Yes, Bunny is a clear step up from the basic Descendants. Her Rabbit Foots passive lets you damage surrounding foes simply by double jumping. And her Light Speeding ability generates Electricity as she moves about with a faster sprint. You can pair this with her Lightning Emission to Electrocute nearby foes. And finally, Thrill Bomb sends an Electro Orb in a direction to deal decent amounts of damage. Her ultimate Maximum Power shoots out electricity forward to clear enemy squads. As a Nuker in-game, remember to bring more defensive Defendant allies if you’re going to take on bosses in Void Intercept missions. You might prefer her electric attacks over Viessa’s ice moves.

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