How to farm XP and level up fast in The First Descendant

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  • If you’re looking to farm XP in the game, prioritise defense and Void Fragment missions with friends.
  • Missions grant more XP in new areas that are unlocked by playing the campaign.
  • Void Intercept missions grant a ton of XP for slaying a powerful boss.

While the first bunch of enemies won’t pose a threat, expect The Final Descendant’s gradual level curve to creep up on you. The game’s Descendants might give you multiple playstyles to pick from but a high-level enemy will remain a chore to vanquish. If you pick the right missions to earn the optimal amount of XP, you’ll level up fast and keep up with all the bosses the game throws at you. Based on our time with characters like Bunny and Viessa, here are the best methods you can use to farm XP.

Our best ways to farm XP and level up fast 

After testing several characters across a variety of missions, here are our best options for swimming in heaps of XP:

  • Clear defense missions to rack up XP
  • Take down Void Fragment mission hordes with AoE attacks
  • Reach new areas by finishing story missions
  • Defeat Void Intercept bosses with teammates
  • The battle pass has XP tokens that speed up your progress
A player checks a defense mission out in The First Descendant.
Defense missions are a great source of XP. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Clear defense missions to rack up XP

Resource defense missions in the Kingston, Sterile Land, and Vespers regions are great at offering you XP for clearing waves of opponents. Think of it as a horde mode that grants rewards based on how many rounds of increasingly challenging opponents you can clear. While it’s possible to do these solo, we recommend teaming up with friends or strangers as they’ll help you wipe out these waves fast. If the game’s combat is pinning you down, here are some tips and tricks you should check out. The Large Nuclear Reactor mission in Sterile Land is another good option for grinding XP.

A player checks out Lepic in The First Descendant.
Lepic’s Traction Grenade is great against enemy mobs. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Take down Void Fragment mission hordes with AoE attacks

While these missions only open up if you have a Descendant with the appropriate elemental attack, they’re worth returning to after you clear the main missions in a region. They tend to throw mobs at you in enclosed spaces, making them perfect targets for AoE attacks. If you’re just starting the game, we recommend using Lepic’s Traction Grenade to pull enemies towards a spot. This makes them easy pickings for you as well as your teammates’ offensive abilities. These missions also grant you Kuiper Shards to upgrade modules.

A player checks the regions of The First Descendant.
Progress in the main story to reach new regions. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Reach new areas by finishing story missions

While you start fighting low-level enemies in Kingston, progressing in the main story will unlock even more options. These new regions won’t just feature new bosses and missions to test your skill against. They also feature threats at a higher level, granting you more XP for taking them out. This is particularly useful at high levels as you can’t just grind it out in the basic zone forever. You can always return to previous zones if you want to try missions on the Hard difficulty.

A player fights the Grave Walker in The First Descendant.
Take down the Grave Walker with allies. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Defeat Void Intercept bosses with teammates

Facing Void Intercept bosses is another good option if you want to level up quickly. You’ll meet some of them organically via the main story. Later on, you can repeat these boss fights to get rare loot that counts towards unlocking weapons and Descendants like Bunny. While you might want to stick to the same character to level them up, remember that account-wide Mastery Rank rewards apply to all your Descendants. The Hard variants of these missions serve up more XP. But wait till your character levels are high enough to take them head-on. Remember to account for the foe’s elemental strengths and weaknesses.

A player checks an XP token in The First Descendant.
Use these XP tokens to boost your character levels. Image captured by VideoGamer.

The battle pass has XP tokens that speed up your progress

While the premium battle pass isn’t free, it does offer some neat perks to players who pay for it. For instance, you’ll get a Descendant EXP Gain +30% boost when you clear level 3 of the battle pass. It lasts for a day, letting you clear all kinds of missions to raise your Descendant’s level. Pair this with the other XP farming methods and you will be able to raise your stats quickly in the game. Due to the issues that players faced at launch, developer Nexon has also granted two 3-day bonus XP tokens that you can take advantage of. Simply head to the mailbox and you’ll find these +30% XP boosts waiting for you.

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