How to farm Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant

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  • To get Kuiper shards fast, dismantle modules earned from finishing public events and Void Intercept battles.
  • You can also enhance its drop rate with tickets from the battle pass.

Like any good looter shooter, The First Descendant brings its share of unique resources to grind. While you’ll get better guns after each mission, weapon and Descendant modules stay relevant for longer, especially when you upgrade them with Kuiper Shards. That makes these Shards a valuable resource that will have a lasting effect on your character build. Here are some methods we’ve found to farm these Kuiper Shards effectively.

Best ways to get Kuiper Shards

Kuiper Shards are essential to upgrading modules in The First Descendant. While the first upgrade will only cost you 100 of them, the final upgrade can cost hundreds of thousands of this resource. After clearing multiple bosses and experimenting with several characters, here are our top methods to get Kuiper Shards:

  • Dismantle modules by speaking to Silion, Albion’s Module Master 
  • Finish missions fast via public events 
  • Void Intercept battles offer more shards and modules
  • Use Kuiper Shard Gain tickets from the battle pass
A player dismantles modules in The First Descendant.
Dismantle modules to get this resource. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Dismantle modules by speaking to Silion, Albion’s Module Master 

Based on how valuable your duplicate modules are, you’ll earn more Kuiper Shards by dismantling them. You can break them down based on rarity or by marking specific ones. Just remember not to dismantle valuable components. You can then use these Kuiper Shards to improve the modules you’ve attached to your weapons and your Descendant. Remember to improve your Mastery Level to upgrade your higher-tier modules to the maximum level.

A player checks a mission's rewards in The First Descendant.
Missions will show you what modules they might drop. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Finish missions fast via public events 

While the starting missions are simple, they can be cleared faster if you team up with strangers. The story missions are particularly generous with dropping loot. And as you reach new regions, you’ll find higher-quality module drops. You don’t have to communicate or form a party with players to clear objectives faster, especially in missions with bosses like Greg. If you want to improve the rate at which you’re earning Kuiper Shards, consider picking a short mission and repeatedly grinding them with allies. These include the data transmitter and field generator missions in the Kingston region.

A player checks out the Grave Walker enemy in The First Descendant.
The Grave Walker drops a lot of rewards. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Void Intercept battles offer more shards and modules

You’ll encounter your first Void Intercept battle as a part of the main storyline. Seneca instructs you to tackle the Grave Walker. These boss fights are a great source of rewards, including Modules and resources to unlock characters like Bunny. Remember that at higher levels, you will need to keep track of elemental enhancements and utilise extra mods accordingly. Farming modules this way will also let you earn resources to unlock more Descendants.

A player checks out the battle pass in The First Descendant.
Work through the battle pass for neat rewards. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Use Kuiper Shard Gain tickets from the battle pass

If you’ve already started making your way through the battle pass, you would have spotted these Shard Gain tickets. They grant +30% Kuiper Shard drop rates for a day, letting you grind for more potential upgrades for your characters’ modules. And since the game has had a rocky launch, the developers at Nexon have given players two of these Shard Gain tickets, valid for 3 days each. So get in there and start working towards upgrading your Descendant’s modules.

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