Can you play as Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom?

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Can you play as Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom? She was absent for almost the entire game in Breath of the Wild, so rumors had fans curious about whether the titular princess is making a return since the sequel’s initial reveal in 2019, and we’ll be giving you all the details you need about her role in TotK.

Aside from the question of Princess Zelda’s appearance in the game, there are plenty of Tears of the Kingdom characters set to feature in TotK. Additionally, you might have some queries regarding other aspects of gameplay such as Tears of the Kingdom dungeons and Tears of the Kingdom weapon degradation.

Can you play as Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom: Zelda holding the Master Sword.

Is Zelda playable in Tears of the Kingdom?

If you’re looking to play as the princess for the first time in the 3D Legend of Zelda series, you’ll be disappointed to learn that like the first game, Zelda isn’t playable in Tears of the Kingdom. Link will yet again be the only playable character in this entry, however, he has a whole array of new Tears of the Kingdom abilities to help keep things fresh.

What is Zelda’s role in the game? 

After defeating Calamity Ganon at the end of BotW, Zelda and Link’s adventures have taken them around Hyrule, investigating the mystery of the ruins beneath Hyrule castle. Link’s Sheikah Slate has been replaced by a new device, the Purah Pad, which Zelda uses for her research. 

Unfortunately, near the beginning of the main story, Zelda and Link become separated, and the Master Sword is destroyed, forcing Link to begin a new quest to find her and take down Ganondorf.

There is also some dialogue in the most recent trailer from Zelda where she states that Link will have to find her, and that he’s Hyrule’s last hope, so it seems doubtful that she’ll be getting in on much of the action. While it’s possible that she could still have an active role in the story separate from Link, all signs seem to point to this being another rescue mission for the protagonist.

Can you play as Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom: Zelda falling as Link tries to catch her.

Now that you know about Tears of the Kingdom Zelda’s part in the game, check out who is lending their voice to the game’s characters with the Tears of the Kingdom cast and voice actors with Patricia Summersett reprising her role as Zelda amongst others. For more on Link’s new abilities, head to our Tears of the Kingdom FuseTears of the Kingdom AscendTears of the Kingdom Ultrahand, and Tears of the Kingdom Recall explainer guides.

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