Are there Street Fighter 6 character creation options?

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Are there Street Fighter 6 character creation options? If you’re looking forward to the latest entry in the fighting game series, you may be curious if you can customise your own fighter, to add to the existing roster.

With the full release of Street Fighter 6 coming this June, and the open beta start times upon us, hype for the newest entry in the series is running high. In this guide, we’ll cover if the rumours about Street Fighter 6 character creation options are confirmed, what they’ll look like, and more.

Street Fighter 6 character creator explained

There is a character creator in Street Fighter 6, with plenty of customisation options. While there’s still a full list of Street Fighter 6 characters of new and familiar faces coming in the full game, this entry will also allow for players to make their own character.

These character creation options were briefly showcased by Capcom at Tokyo Game Show 2022, and will allow players the freedom to leave a mark of their identity in-game by customising their playable character’s appearance in numerous ways.

Street Fighter 6 character creation: Character creation/customization screen, currently on selections for facial scars.

What are the Street Fighter 6 character creation options?

There will be a host of options available that players will be able to utilise to alter their character’s appearance. The character creation options we know of so far are:

  • Body hair
  • Body hair colour
  • Body paint
  • Ears
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyebrow colour
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyelash colour
  • Eye shape
  • Face
  • Face paint
  • Facial hair
  • Hair
  • Hair colour
  • Hair length
  • Height and proportions
  • Iris colour
  • Iris/sclera
  • Lower body
  • Mouth
  • Muscle definition
  • Nose
  • Skin
  • Skin colour
  • Skin sheen/metallicness/luminescence
  • Upper body

That’s all the Street Fighter 6 character customisation options we know about at the moment. These features will be available to try out in the Street Fighter 6 open beta, as well as the full game on its release. Through use of these options, players are sure to be able to strike their perfect look in-game with ease. And if you don’t plan on using the character customisation, you’ll still have plenty of character fighters to choose from, including those coming in Street Fighter 6’s first year of DLC. This too will include some new and some old faces.

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