Street Fighter 6 officially welcomes Guile to the roster with latest trailer

Street Fighter 6 officially welcomes Guile to the roster with latest trailer
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Capcom has released a new trailer for Street Fighter 6, confirming Guile will part of the upcoming beat-em-up’s roster.

The US Air Force pilot with the unmistakable hairdo returns for a new mission with an updated moveset. Described as a powerhouse, he of course wouldn’t be returning without his classic Sonic Boom and Flash Kick moves to keep opponents at a distance. But that’s not to say he doesn’t have some new tricks up his sleeves.

Guile’s Super Arts include Sonic Hurricane, which allows him to fire a massive aerial slash ahead of him. If opponents try to jump over this, you can use a heavy punch to send the slashes diagonally upwards into their path. Solid Puncher, first introduced in Street Fighter V, also returns and lets him use a flurry of projectiles as Sonic Break.

Finally, his brand new move is Crossfire Somersault, which will see him fire a massive aerial slash that can launch his foes into the air. Guile can then follows this move up with a devastating Somersault Kick for the 1-2 combo. Owch.

Guile joins previously announced characters Ryu, Chun Li, Luke and Jamie. We’ll be hearing about plenty more additions to the roster (at least 22 if a recent leak turns out accurate) over the coming months. Street Fighter 6 arrives on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2023, and will also feature the ability to pull faces at your opponent during the versus screen. Naturally.

And if, like us, you’ve been unable to get that banger of the new Street Fighter 6 theme out of your head, Capcom’s released an official music video for that too below.