Street Fighter 6 lets you pull faces on the versus screen

Street Fighter 6 lets you pull faces on the versus screen
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Street Fighter 6 will allow you, once you have selected your character, to change their facial expression while on the versus screen.

Capcom revealed this odd new feature on Twitter, where it said:

“Show your attitude with the Game Face Feature in #StreetFighter6 by pressing directional buttons during the versus screen. Scowl at your opponent, act all smug, or confuse them with a mixture of rapid emotions!”

Behold, the scowls:

As you can see, both characters, Ryu and Luke, changed their expressions several times before the fight. It’s slightly odd, but it allows for some cheeky taunting, I suppose.

Capcom fully revealed Street Fighter 6 last week, along with confirming the first four fighters on its roster. We know that we’re getting Chun-Li, Ryu, Luke, and Jamie—a new character. Also worth noting is that the bizarre—and crummy—logo that Capcom first revealed is now slightly different.

Just yesterday, Capcom responded to the recent roster leak. Artwork for twenty-two characters appeared online, among them were the likes of Ken, Zangief, Dhalsim, Blanka, Cammy. In a statement posted to Twitter, Capcom said:

“As residents of Metro City, We’ve all seen things we weren’t supposed to see, but we’re all in this together. We appreciate all the positive reactions. Thank you for the support.” It didn’t quite confirm the leaks, but it seems as if they were genuine.