How to break glowing rocks in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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The Star Wars Jedi Survivor glowing rocks are likely to cause you to scratch your head when you make it through the opening minutes of Koboh. You’d expect to be able to use the Force, much like plenty of the other interactable objects in the game, but as much as you push and pull at the shiny blue rocks, your attempts will be in vain.

Koboh comes immediately after the tutorial area of Coruscant in the Jedi Survivor planets list, but it isn’t obvious how you break the glowing rocks at first. Well, they’re not actually rocks – it’s tar that has solidified, because if you’ve been paying attention to your surroundings, you’ll realise that tar is everywhere. So when you’ve cleared all the Jedi Survivor enemies in the area, here’s how to break the tar.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor glowing rocks: The tunnel you must go down to find the Roller Mines.

Jedi Survivor glowing rocks explained

To break the glowing rocks, you must use Force Pull to hold a Roller Mine, then use Force Push to throw it at the breakable wall. You’ll have encountered a few Roller Mines at this point, but there’s actually an infinite source of them nearby.

Double jump past the bridge that is stuck in an upright position due to the glowing rocks, then look for the vines on the wall to the left. Jump across to the platform on the tar, then leap to the vines. Kill the droid and raiders above the ledge, followed by the enemies further on once you jump down the next section of the path, and you’ll be faced with a tunnel.

In here you can find Vashtan Wolfe, but he’s not the reason you’re here. When you make it to the end of the tunnel, killing all the enemies in your way, tell BD-1 to interact with the nearby terminal and you’ll activate a source of Roller Mines that doesn’t stop spawning. Simply lead the Roller Mines near the tar you want to break, then use the Force to fling them at any glowing sections.

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What are the glowing rocks in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

The glowing rocks are big chunks of tar that has splattered from the nearby pools, lakes, and rivers, causing it to solidify and prevent you from getting through unless you blow it up with a Roller Mine.

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