Spider-Man 2 all FNSM app requests and how to complete

Spider-Man 2 all FNSM app requests and how to complete
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The Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man app returns – so here’s how to complete all FNSM app requests in Spider-Man 2.

The Rooftop Fireworks app request is going to be compulsory, which the Main Story will lead you into. One you complete it, you’re going to discover five more across the city. ‘Howard’ is one of the missions and it revisits a familiar face who had previously appeared in the past two Spidey games. We have already written a standalone guide on how to help Howard, though. Complete the Howard mission, alongside all the other FNSM app requests to earn the trophy Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man achievement.

Photo Help

You’ll encounter Mina on a rooftop. She wants to be a real photojournalist, and is even inspired by Peter Parker. She wants a candid photo of Spider-Man, which would help her career. You’re going to relive a moment from your youth – cycling to JJJ to submit your first paper photo. The issue is – you have a time limit. Cycling along the way, you’re going to encounter a mugging amongst other obstacles including traffic and roadworks, though this won’t stop you from getting to JJJ in time. Realistically, you’re not actually on a timer – so don’t worry about getting there ‘on time,’ unless you’re a sucker for realism.

Afterwards, you’ll tell Mina to be her own photographer – rather than emulating Peter Parker. Mina will take an action shot of you swinging away – and that’s that.

Find Grandpa

You’ll find Tasha in Prospect Park. She’s looking for her Grandpa, who has gone off to meet someone. She’ll have an old photo – 60 years old to be precise – which Grandpa was apparently obsessing over earlier.

Follow the map marker to a local zoo where you won’t see much. Use your scanner to find this flower arrangement and a letter. Read it, and you’ll find it’s addressed to Earl. 

Head to the botanical garden and you will find a hat on a bench – likely to be Earl’s. You’ll also find his inhaler, which you’re going to be able to trace him with. 

Follow the trail until you find Earl, sitting alone by a lake. Spidey will sit and have a conversation with Earl, who will tell him about how he proposed. Tasha will arrive a little bit later, and Spidey will get his cue to leave.

Graffiti Trouble 

Switch to Miles for this mission. Nikola will report that someone graffiti’d the shop, though someone else painted over it and that it’s beautiful. Then, Hailey will appear, and you get to play a mission as her. 

It’s a flashback to a few hours ago, when Hailey stumbles across the horrible graffiti. She’ll get an idea to paint over it – which will prompt the worst mini game ever. You’re going to need to shake the spraypaint by going up and down with the right stick, before using the right trigger to get the paint into the right spot. You’ll massacre the wall, though a perfect piece of street art will appear before you.

Nikola will point Hailey towards more graffiti that needs covering, so you’ll do that too. After this, Hailey will spot the culprit of the street art. Complete a few more environment puzzles and head towards the culprit. If you run into issues, you’ll be able to throw rocks to remotely activate buttons. This can be done by pressing L1 and aiming with R1.

You’ll meet the culprit, who Hailey realises is a talented artist too. Together they will make a fantastic mural, and even become friends.

Hailey finishes telling the story – before they have to go. They need to see kids at the local hospital, though ran out of time to buy flowers. Miles will then get an idea to deliver flowers to them instead. This will end yet another FNSM app request.

Monster Trouble

The final FNSM app request is in Pete’s old stomping ground – Astoria – and will require you to meet Alba, who seems to think there is a wild animal in her yard. Miles will investigate. 

You will find a trail in the garden – which you will investigate with science. You’ll begin a molecular mini-game, where you will try and figure out a chemical trace for the beast.

Follow it through the town for a bit, though you will realise it’s actually a Hunter Beast – not a real animal. Subdue the robot long enough for Ganke to hack it. You listen to his last memories – betrayal – before bumping into Hunters again. Fend them all off before heading over back to Alma’s. You will introduce Alma to the Hunter Beast, but not before a quick paint-job.

We’re going to keep this page updated with all things FNSM app requests, though for now we’re pretty much done. Check back in with us often for the latest information on how to beat Venom, how to beat Lizard, and the best Easter eggs we’ve found in Spider-Man 2.