Spider-Man 2 – all bosses in the game

Spider-Man 2 – all bosses in the game
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You’re going to go up against several supervillains during your time as Spider-Man, and maybe you want to know about all bosses that appear in Spider-Man 2.

As Spider-Man, it’s your job and, some would say your responsibility, to fight the evil doers and crimelords of New York City. As your friendly neighbourhood, Spider-Men, Miles and Peter Parker have their work cut out as plenty of villains descend on NYC.

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Spider-Man 2 release time
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Spider-Man 2 all bosses in the game

While the world tries to keep Spider-Man down with a veritable feast of villainous bosses in Spider-Man 2, the combined effort of Peter and Miles – two Spider-Men working together – is more than enough to face down the odds. We won’t go into too much detail here, but the entries below will reveal the name of every boss, and the final boss so if you don’t want to be spoiled you shouldn’t read on.

Insomniac Games pulled out all the stops, adding nine major boss fights to take on in Spider-Man 2, as well as some side mission bosses. We’re going to list all of them below, so you have an idea of what you’re up against as you swing through the city and its various dangers. Once again, the list of all the main bosses below contains spoilers for the whole story of Spider-Man 2.


Immediately recognisable, the Sandman himself makes an appearance in Spider-Man 2 as the first main boss of the game. Marko has grown to massive proportions and is kicking up a storm of sand and wreaking havoc on the city. This boss is something of a tutorial fight, so you are walked through how to beat him and avoid his attacks as you play as Peter and Miles. It’s more of a QTE and anything, but it sure is cinematic.


When Lizard is on the loose in NYC, Miles and Peter must chase it down and keep up the pursuit. Eventually, another phase will begin where you’re webbed onto him and have to dodge away from falling debris as you tail him up the side of a building. After a cutscene, you’ll face Lizard in his natural element – the sewers – where you’ll have to deplete his HP by wailing on him with your Spidey powers. Read our guide on how to beat Lizard if you’re having trouble.

Mister Negative

Mister Negative makes his debut in Spider-Man 2 as the third main boss in the game. You fight him in a makeshift arena while playing as Miles, while Kraven stands on and berates you during the fight.

A man in a white suit is standing next to Spider-Man.

Kraven The Hunter

Kraven is one of the main bad guys in Spider-Man 2, other than Venom, of course. Kraven the Hunter brings his band of hunters to NYC, which leads him into direct conflict with Spider-Man. The first time you fight Kraven, you play as Peter Parker and can utilise your Venom symbiote abilities.

Peter Parker

As Miles Morales, you have to face down your friend and mentor, Peter Parker. Due to his infection with the Venom symbiote, Peter loses control and it falls to Miles to take him down.

Kraven The Hunter (Second Fight)

Since you don’t get to finish off Kraven in the first fight, you eventually run into him again. The second time you fight him is much different than the first since you get to play as Venom in his full toothy glory for this battle.


Just when you think you’ve seen the last of Venom, the symbiote menace comes along and possesses MJ, turning her into Scream. You need to save MJ – who is now the host of the alien symbiote – and fight Scream as Peter Parker, which will lead you to your next confrontation with Venom and set up the final few bosses in the game.

Symbiote Behemoth

This is a two-phase fight against the Symbiote as it turns into a hulking beast of a thing you have to take down. The first phase sees you play as Spider-Man, and then the second time you fight the Symbiote Behemoth, you play as MJ and get some revenge for the whole Scream debacle.

Venom (Final boss)

The final boss fight of the game, is of course, vs Venom. This fight is effectively five different phases where you play the first two as Peter, then another two as Miles, and then the final phase is the both of them working together in a QTE minigame. You’ll have to use everything you’ve learned up until this point to take out the monster and save the city. Make sure you read our guide on how to beat Venom.

Spider-Man 2 venom boss fight with Peter Parker

Grizzly – Miniboss

Grizzly, otherwise known as Bear Hunter, is a miniboss you fight during the events of the game. Grizzly is a disgraced wrestler who falls in with Kraven as he searches for the ultimate hunt. He’s got a great backstory, but ultimately something of a nothing villain in Spider-Man 2.

Yuri Watanabe (Side Mission Boss)

Yuri Watanabe, otherwise known as Wraith in Spider-Man 2, appears as a boss during The Flame sidequest. Yuri Watanabe is the infamous police captain of the NYPD and in the wider Spider-Verse, he eventually becomes the villain known as Wraith.

Mysterio (Side Mission Boss)

Mysterio, the master of illusion himself, has a cameo appearance in Spider-Man 2 as a boss you fight during a side quest. Be prepared for a healthy amount of trickery and nonsense in this fight, he always has something up his sleeve; or rather, cooking in his helmet.

That’s everything you need to know about all the bosses in Spider-Man 2. If you want more guides, stay tuned for our full guide covering how to beat all of these bosses. In the meantime, read our piece on where to find all of Marko’s memories and where to find Aunt May’s grave in Spider-Man 2.