Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – all photo ops locations

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Spider-Man 2 has tons of side quests, and finding all photo ops locations is just one of many you can dive into when the game properly opens up. You can’t miss starting this quest, which is helpful.

Once you begin the main quest, you’re going to have a run-in with Robbie Robertson. After this, you’ll begin to discover different photo-ops all throughout New York and you will be put to work hunting them down and snapping a picture of the objective.

If you want more Spider-Man 2 guides, read our pages covering the best skills and skill trees, and how to get all suits in the game. Before you find these photo ops, you need to know how to take pictures first. Now, this is where you can find all photo ops locations in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 photo ops - a man stands on a building.

All photo ops locations in Spider-Man 2

The first photo op – compulsory in the main plot – is at a rooftop in Little Odessa, where you’re going to see two Yankees throwing a familiar shield-looking frisbee across two rooftops. You can take a picture using your camera with the subjects in focus, and then you will automatically submit your photo to Robertson’s paper.

If you need to know how to take pictures for these sidequests, we have another guide on how to take pictures that you can check out for some hints. Below we’ve made a list of the areas in NYC that have a photo op, which you can use to track down any you might have missed.

  • Harlem: 2 x photo op
  • Upper West Side: 1 x photo op
  • Central Park: 2 x photo op
  • Upper East Side: 1 x photo op
  • Astoria: 2 x photo op
  • Downtown Queens: 1 x photo op
  • Midtown: 2 x photo op
  • Hell’s Kitchen: 1 x photo op
  • Greenwich: 2 x photo op
  • Chinatown: 2 x photo op
  • Little Odessa: 2 x photo op
  • Williamsburg: 1 x photo op
  • Downtown Brooklyn: 3 x photo op
  • Financial District: 1 x photo op

Once you’ve collected all of the Photo Ops, Robbie is going to give you your next assignment, to photo the Spider-Men together. Humbly, though, Peter Parker will reject this offer. You will earn the trophy New York, New York after this. Use the image below to see all the photo op locations on the in-game map:

A city map featuring Spider-Man 2 photo ops, captured at night.
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Photo ops are hard to miss

Your map will show you any complete and incomplete objectives you have in each district, and photo ops will be listed here. You will be able to see on your map the location of all the photo ops you can take part in, which means they are right there to be claimed.

That’s all you need to know about all the photo op locations in Spider-Man 2. Getting all of these will complete Robbie Robertson’s quest and get you one step closer to that platinum trophy. For more Spider-Man 2, read our guides covering the best skills.

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