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Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope – Beacon Beach Secret Zone Guide

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Secret Zones are among the most difficult locations in each world to unlock in Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope. But your efforts will be rewarded, as completing these zones adds a powerful, optional Spark to your squad.

The Beacon Beach Secret Zone is the first of its kind in Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and you definitely won’t want to miss out on it. Completing this zone will allow you to recruit a new Spark and further augment your squad’s abilities, a significant boost early in the game.

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope – Unlocking Secret Zones

Sparks of Hope Beacon Beach Secret Zone
Copyright Ubisoft, Captured by Videogamer

In order to unlock the Secret Zone on each planet, you’ll first need planet coins. Planet coins are awarded for completing side quests in Sparks of Hope. Each side quest will unlock one planet coin, unique to the world it was found on. You cannot stockpile these coins and spend them on other planets’ rewards, each set of coins can only be spent on their respective world.

Copyright Ubisoft, Captured by Videogamer

Once you have amassed seven planet coins, head to the merchant Salesbot, in one of its several locations around each planet. Salesbot will offer Keys unique to each world for a different amount of planet coins per world. Purchase the key, and then you must find the door it corresponds with.


Beacon Beach’s door is located down a slope and to the right of Beacon Town and the lighthouse. Bring the key to the door embedded in the cliff to unlock the Secret Zone.

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Completing Beacon Beach Secret Zone

Sparks of Hope Beacon Beach Secret Zone inside
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Past the doorway, the Secret Zone is a toybox-like area that players must navigate in order to rescue the Spark. Several high-level enemies patrol the course and will be dangerous to fight if they discover you. While Sparks of Hope gives you the ability to flee from fights, it is better to simply avoid these foes entirely.

Head down the slope and avoid the patrolling foes by hiding behind cover. At times you will need to wait for the enemies to turn their backs, as they will patrol in a fixed pattern until they spot you.

You will need to bring a triangular keystone to its corresponding lock in order to free up the path to the Spark. Head down the ladder nearby, turn around, and proceed down the slope. Move through the covered walkway and use cover to grab the keystone while obscured from the nearby enemy’s sight.

Sparks of Hope Beacon Beach Secret Zone enemies
Copyright Ubisoft, Captured by Videogamer

With the keystone in hand, backtrack to the ladder, wait for the enemy ahead to pass, and insert the keystone in the lock to remove the thorns. Move back up the ladder and climb to the platform where the Spark will be waiting.

Be sure to explore each world in Sparks of Hope to the fullest, in order to find its Secret Zone and save the Sparks within.