RTX 4090 stock tracker UK, when is it back in stock?

RTX 4090 stock tracker UK, when is it back in stock?
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With the release of the RTX 4090 on the 12th October, the UK has seen some shaky stock levels for Nvidia’s new GPU.

Popular retailers such as Amazon, Ebuyer, Scan, Overclockers, and Novatech are all battling with suppliers and consumers to provide steady stock levels for the RTX 4090, so you may be wondering where the best place to buy an RTX 4090 in the UK is.

RTX 4090 stock 8/11/2022

There has been a small selection of stock of the RTX 4090 appearing on Amazon:

Is the RTX 4090 in stock in the UK?

21/10/22: Intel 13th Gen launched on 20th October, though we’re only seeing stock on RTX 4090s from scalpers. We are seeing some RTX 4090 / Intel 13th Gen gaming PCs which might be worth a look:

19/11/22: We’re closing in on the release of the Intel 13th Gen and we’ve still seen no stock on the RTX 4090.

17/11/22: It’s the start of a new week and unfortunately we’re yet to see RTX 4090 stocks replenished.

14/11/22: At the moment, there is no RTX 4090 stock in the UK. The GPU is going to be very scarce for the next couple of days – even weeks.

We don’t know when stock is going to be updated at popular retailers, though when it is we will be sure to update this page with the relevant links and websites.

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What UK retailers stock the RTX 4090?

Below we have listed the best retailers in the UK for you to try and snag an RTX 4090:






You can find out how much the RTX 4090 costs in the UK here.

When is the RTX 4090 back in stock in the UK?

The demand for the RTX 4090 is ridiculous right now, as expected from what is probably the most powerful GPU readily available for consumers on the market. Previous GPU launches have been poisoned by resellers and scalpers, and this launch is likely no different.

We can’t say for certain when the RTX 4090 will be back in stock, though our tech expert team is never far from information from popular tech retailers in the UK, so we’ll be keenly watching for stock updates.

When we do receive new information, we’re sure to be posting it live here so that you can have a chance at grabbing an RTX 4090.

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How to get an RTX 4090 in the UK?

If you’re looking for the latest Nvidia RTX 4090, you’re going to want to stay alert. We recommend keeping this page pinned so that you can quickly refer to us whenever stock is published online. We’ll be staying alert and checking the web for stock, and we’re sure to post it here whenever it’s found.

Alternative locations may want to refer to our sibling sites:

RTX 4090 UK Stock FAQs

Is the RTX 4090 in stock in the UK right now?

No. Currently no tech retailers are stocking the RTX 4090 due to high demand.

Is the RTX 4090 already out of stock worldwide?

Yes – the release of Nvidia’s RTX 4090 was highly competitive and most GPUs have already been snapped up.

Is the RTX 4090 going to be back in stock soon?

We hope to see it back in stock soon, and tech retailers are thinking this too as it’s a highly in-demand product.