Can You Mega Evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Can You Mega Evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?
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The Pokemon franchise has been ongoing for a very long time, and its numerous fans can be found all over the world. Keeping a franchise going as they have, they change a bit about the Pokemon battles every generation. In addition to adjusting the values and effects of particular Pokemon moves, every so often, they will also implement a new gimmick for Pokemon battles. 

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Each generation of Pokemon games unveils a new battle gimmick to set them apart from each other. In recent years, Pokemon X and Y (Gen VI) introduced Mega Evolutions, Pokemon Sun and Moon (Gen VII) introduced Z-Moves and Pokemon Sword and Shield (Gen VIII) introduced Dynamaxing.

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What Is Mega Evolve?

Out of these, Mega Evolutions have been the most popular fan favorite gimmick as it gives a select few Pokemon special forms. These forms greatly increase these Pokemon’s stats and appearance. Some Pokemon even change their typing when they Mega Evolve, making it even more useful.

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Because it bestows unique forms on their Pokemon, Mega Evolution has emerged as the most well-liked and well received of these battle gimmicks among fans. As the bonuses granted by Mega Evolving their Pokemon gives players an incredible strategic advantage in battle.

The drawback of Mega Evolution is that not all Pokemon are capable of it; rather, only Pokemon that have their corresponding Mega Stone can Mega Evolve. As a result, it becomes something of an exclusive club that is primarily composed of well-known Pokemon.

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Mega Evolve In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released on 18th November, many fans are curious about whether or not Mega Evolutions will be available in these upcoming main series titles. The unfortunate answer is that it is quite unlikely that they will appear in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. There has also been no formal announcement made by Game Freak on the inclusion of Mega Evolutions in the game.

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This is no surprise as recent generations have never carried over the gimmicks of past ones. Mega Evolution was not featured in Gen VII and VIII, while Z-Moves were not included in Gen VIII. Because the game already uses Terastallization as its battle gimmick, including the older gimmicks alongside it would be a technical nightmare and would make it extremely unlikely. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Terastallization

Terastallization is a process that makes use of the Terastal phenomenon, which is specific to the region of Paldea. When a Pokemon Terastallizes, a crown-like accessory known as a Tera Jewel is formed on top of its head. This causes the Pokemon that are afflicted to glow like precious gems and transform into their signature Tera type. They also gain access to moves such as Tera Blast, which changes to the Pokemon’s Tera type when they Terastallize.

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Terastallization is a refreshingly new gimmick from the Paldea region. Given due time, it will surely be an interesting mechanic that would add a new layer of depth and complexity to Pokemon battles that players, both new and old, would find enjoyable in their Pokemon journeys.