Nintendo Switch 2 release date rumors, price speculation, potential specs

Nintendo Switch 2 release date rumors, price speculation, potential specs
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A Nintendo Switch 2 has been highly anticipated since the release of the original in 2017. It’s now 2024, and it’s been about the right amount of time for when a new console is revealed.

Until now, Nintendo has kept quiet on any news related to their next-generation console. However, at a recent shareholder Q&A, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukwa was asked about the Switch’s successor. While we’re yet to get official confirmation on the existence of a Switch 2, we are getting a few nuggets about backwards compatibility.

Similarly, we know that a Nintendo Switch 2 announcement has been planned for this fiscal year. Japanese fiscal years end on March 31st, so the latest we will hear about the current Switch’s successor is March 2025.

Nintendo Switch 2 release date speculation

As mentioned above, the Nintendo Switch 2 was recently referenced by Shuntaro Furukawa.

From the official Nintendo Company Twitter.

The upcoming Nintendo Direct in June looks like it will be a last swansong for the Nintendo Switch 2, and while it’s clear there will be no mention of the Nintendo Switch 2, it’s certainly going to be an exciting moment.

CES 2024 was a busy event this year with multiple new consoles and accessories being revealed. What’s mainly to note is that AI Shark, once known as GameShark, posted a press release stating that “the official launch is planned to coincide with the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024.” This was first noticed by Digital Trends, though it seems the statement from Altec Lansing has now been retracted.

“Altec Lansing plans on introducing its new offering in time for the holiday season 2024,” it reads now.

Now, as Nintendo is yet to confirm anything, don’t get too excited. At this point time it is speculation and could be false. However, if it is true, then we’ve got an exciting year ahead of us. After the news broke, the information was quickly changed. This either indicates they let the cat out of the bag early, or they got it wrong.

As always, stay updated on this page as we will be bringing any new information on the Nintendo Switch 2 to you right here.

Nintendo Switch 2 price speculation

Again, the information is limited and we’re working off speculation from leaks and other non-confirmed information. However, the Switch 2 is rumored to be at a price mark of around $400 with new game prices increasing.

On Amazon, you can currently purchase the Nintendo Switch for around $250. The price could quite likely drop even more if the Switch 2 is released.

Nintendo Switch 2 potential specs

Nintendo orchestrated the launch of the Switch OLED in late 2021 although, aside from the changes is visual fidelity and clarity, it was largely the same console. A potential Nintendo Switch 2 would certainly build on the quality that the original had, though when exactly could we expect it?

Now, there’s not been a word from Nintendo that a Switch 2 is even going to be a thing, only that Nintendo is planning a next generation Switch. Between now and a potential announcement, all we can do for now is to look back at previous releases from Nintendo, such as the Wii and Wii U, and to the relatively ancient 3DS and all of its iterations.

Tears of the Kingdom released on May 12th last year, and this piece of information could be key to understanding when a Switch 2 could arrive. Realistically, with the launch of Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo wouldn’t consider releasing a new console for a while after this. There’s no need for them to take the spotlight away from the game that is even more impressive than the generation defining Breath of the Wild. In light of that, we predict that Nintendo wouldn’t even announce their next console for at least another year.

Nintendo Switch 2 NX2 Developer Portal leak

In an exciting twist “NX2” is now listed on Nintendo’s developer page, spotted on Famiboards. This is significant because NX was added to Nintendo’s developer Portal around one month before the October 2016 Switch reveal.

Screenshot of the Nintendo Developer's Portal

However, there is pure speculation, and many have pointed out reasons to trust the leak from Famiboards. Reddit user ScootSchloingo highlights Famiboard’s user’s source is a tweet that has since been deleted, implying the Tweet may not have been accurate. Unfortunately, we can’t get verify whether this screenshot is accurate because the Nintendo developers will be under NDAs.

What we’d like to see from the Nintendo Switch 2

We’ve had almost six years to fantasize about what we could see on a potential Nintendo Switch 2 – so let’s go over everything we would like to see.

Backwards compatibility with Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has a fantastic library of games, and losing out on those would be heart-breaking. If we were to get a Nintendo Switch 2, being able to play all of those game carts natively on the console would surely encourage many gamers to upgrade. We saw it with compatibility between Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, and between DS and 3DS, so here’s hoping.

The latest news however looks promising. According to a recent shareholders Q&A which we’ve mentioned, Nintendo intends on a “successful transition” for Nintendo Accounts. While this doesn’t confirm anything, it does give Nintendo fans some hope that they won’t be rebuying their entire games library.

More storage options

The Switch was slightly limited by the 32GB flash storage. We’re now at a technical landscape where 256 & 512GB storage solutions aren’t a problem, and a Nintendo Switch 2 would surely benefit from multiple options. At the moment, relying on the best Nintendo Switch micro SD cards is all we can do.

1080p OLED display

The Switch has a 720p display, which isn’t ugly at all, though 1080p compact displays aren’t hard to come by, and some tablets even have 4K displays. We will surely see a much higher resolution display on the Switch 2 – so we’re going to be expecting this, Nintendo.

Other minor features

  • Solution to joycon drift
  • Built-in voice chat
  • Improved speakers
  • Similar design and usability
  • 4K output to display

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for the latest updates on the Nintendo Switch 2, however at this point, it’s not really a confirmed console. In the meantime, you might be interested in reading about the Steam Deck vs Razer Edge. Make sure to check back in with us periodically for the latest updates on all things gaming related.

Image source: Famiboards