Palworld how to find and catch Vixy – Vixy location and drops

Palworld how to find and catch Vixy – Vixy location and drops
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Need to know how to find and catch Vixy in Palworld? This special Pal is a great addition to any player’s Paldeck, but first, you need to know where to find them.

Vixy is a unique Pal in Palworld, not because of its power or rarity, but because of its interesting ability. Using Vixy at your base can give you an enormous amount of Pal Spheres quickly since her ability allows it to passively dig up Pal Spheres for you. To learn how that happens and where to catch one, keep reading.

Where To Find Vixy in Palworld

The best place to find a Vixy would be near the Desolate Church, just west of Rayne Syndicate Tower. Keep moving south from Desolate Church and you’re bound to encounter a Vixy sooner or later.

The Palworld map, with the Desolate Church highlighted
Image taken by Videogamer

You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for a little yellowish fox Pal since it’s really small in size. Not only that but unlike some more aggressive Pals, Vixy does not engage in battle if you get too close. Rather this neutral type Pal will run away from you, making it harder to catch.

If you don’t find Vixy after scouring the area south of Desolate Church, you can return to the same area later to see if a Vixy has appeared yet for you to capture.

How To Catch Vixy in Palworld

To successfully capture a Vixy, you’ll need to carefully reduce their health low enough to throw your Pal sphere and get the indicator to 100%. There are several things you’ll need to watch out for first. Vixy might not be difficult to beat in terms of strength but it’s good at evading people. So unless you can lock it down with a weapon or another Pal, it might escape as soon as you approach it.

A player encounters a Vixy in Palworld
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Another problem you should be cautious of is that Vixy has a low health bar. Any strong moves, especially by Dark-type Pals, could very easily knock it out meaning you won’t be able to capture it. The best way is to bring a weaker Pal yourself so that your attacks don’t deal too much damage to it. Also, make sure you sneak up on this little fox Pal. If it sees you coming, there’s a chance it will just run away, leaving you empty-handed.

What Items Does Vixy Drop?

Fixy drops Bone and Leather. Bone is primarily used in Cement, a material you need to build walls in your base. This can really come in handy later on in the game as you encounter more dangerous Pals. It is also used to make a Mega Glider, a makeshift parachute that allows you to glide to your destination.

Leather is a much more commonly needed commodity. You need leather to make any sort of armour or leather equipment meaning you should stockpile on as much leather as possible.

What Are Vixy’s Weaknesses?

Vixy is a Neutral-type Pal so it is weak to Dark-type Pals. This is very important to take into consideration when trying to capture a Vixy since hitting it with an average dark Pal attack could kill it.

Dark-type Pals

If you’re looking for an easy Pal to catch to take on Vixy, Hoocrates is a Dark-type Pal that you can find early on in the game. This iwll

If you’re able to catch a Vixy and get it working on your farm, you’ll have a ton of Pal Spheres soon. This will in turn help you catch more Pals, making Vixy an essential addition to every player’s Paldeck. 

That’s everything you need to know about finding and catching Vixy in Palworld. Be sure to check out how to catch Daedream and how to catch Verdash if you’re on the hunt for more Pals to add to your collection.

Palworld Vixy FAQs

What’s the best place to catch Vixy in Palworld?

Vixy can easily be found at the Desolate Church, west of Rayne Syndicate Tower.

What Pals should you use to catch Vixy?

Because Vixy is a Neutral-type Pal, use Dark-type Pals to take down their health more effectively.