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MW2 Long Shot Guide – How To Perform Long Shot Kills  

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MW2 is stacked with challenges to complete and rewards to unlock. Several in-game challenges reward cosmetics to unlock and display your MW2 prowess. And perfecting the long shot is the latest way to earn distinctive mastery camos

We’ll walk you through exactly how to pull off long shots and unlock the accompanying mastery camos for yourself with our MW2 guide.

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MW2 – How To Long Shot 

MW2 Long Shot Sniper

A long shot is a kill performed with a weapon at a significant distance, often stretching the limits of the weapon’s effective range. Each kill that counts as a long shot will go towards unlocking the long shot mastery camo for that weapon’s class. 

With different weapon classes in MW2 performing at varying levels of efficacy over long distances, the distance that qualifies a long shot differs between each class. 

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MW2 – Long Shot Distances 

Long Shot Guide Image 2

The distances required for a kill to count as a long shot for each weapon class are listed below 

  • Shotguns: 12.5 meters 
  • Pistols: 20 meters 
  • SMGs: 30 meters 
  • Assault Rifles: 38 Meters 
  • LMGs: 38 meters 
  • Marksman Rifles: 38 meters 
  • Battle Rifles: 38 meters 
  • Sniper Rifles: 50 meters 

With Shotguns’ effective ranges suffering from drastic drop-off, the 12.5-meter limit is a necessity to keep this mastery challenge from being unfair. Pistols and SMGs will have an easier time of things, however, as they can easily be modded to perform more effectively as longer-than-average ranges. 


Marksman Rifles should be a priority for players wanting to complete the long shot mastery challenge as quickly as possible. Having the same distance as BRs, ARs and LMGs gives Marksman Rifles a distinct advantage, as they are among MW2’s most effective long-distance tools. 

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MW2 – What Are The Best Long Shot Methods?

When it comes to long shot tactics, there’s a handful of different approaches you can explore. But the top two methods we recommend to secure long shots in the game, are the following:


Though it’s not a welcomed method in MW2, camping goes a long way when securing long shot kills. As we discussed earlier, long shot kills are predicated on how far you are from your enemies. And positioning yourself in a good nook at a distance, will do wonders for you when executing long shot kills.


When pulling off long shots, stability and recoil can play into how successful you will be. Sometimes the weapons you use will provide that, but sometimes they won’t. And when you are completing long shot kill challenges, mounting will provide that stability you need to get those eliminations.

How To Perform Long Shots – FAQ 

What is a long shot MW2? 

A long shot is a kill performed from a significant distance in MW2, with close-range weapons having a shorter long shot distance than others. 

What is the distance for long shots? 

Long shot distance is 12.5 meters for Shotguns, 20 for Pistols, 30 for SMGs, 38 for Marksman Rifles, LMGS, Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles, and finally 50 for Sniper Rifles. 

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