How to get Longshot kills in MW2 and Warzone Season 5 

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Landing Longshot kills in MW2 is one of the toughest kill types there is. The Modern Warfare series is stacked with challenges to complete and rewards to unlock. That’s just as true for Modern Warfare 2. There are even several in-game challenges, which reward cosmetics to unlock so you can display your prowess. Perfecting the Longshot is the latest way to earn distinctive mastery camos

We’ll walk you through exactly how to pull off Longshot kills in MW2 and unlock the accompanying platinum camos for yourself with our MW2 guide. If you’re looking for help with other trick shot kills, be sure to take a look at the best Quickscope class in MW2 to help secure those lightning-quick wins.

How to get Longshot kills in MW2

To get a Longshot kill, you need to perform any kill with any weapon at a significant enough distance. This is often the very stretch of the weapon’s effective range. Each kill that counts as a Longshot will go towards unlocking the associated mastery camos, like the Orion camo, for that weapon’s class. 

With all weapon classes in MW2 performing at varying levels of efficacy over long distances, the distance that qualifies a Longshot differs between each class. 

Long Shot kills in MW2: A soldier brandishing a heavy sniper with an extended scope and a red-skull mask walks down a busy road, followed by other troops and vehicles.

MW2 Longshot distances 

The distances required for a kill to count as a Longshot for each weapon class are listed below:

  • Assault Rifles: 38 Meters 
  • Battle Rifles: 38 meters 
  • LMGs: 38 meters 
  • Marksman Rifles: 38 meters 
  • Pistols: 20 meters 
  • Shotguns: 12.5 meters 
  • SMGs: 30 meters 
  • Sniper Rifles: 50 meters 

With Shotguns’ effective ranges suffering from drastic drop-off, the 12.5-meter limit is a necessity to keep this mastery challenge from being unfair. Pistols and SMGs will have an easier time of things, as they can easily be modded to perform more effectively at longer-than-average ranges. 

Marksman Rifles should be a priority for players wanting to complete the Longshot mastery challenge and unlock the Polyatomic camo as quickly as possible. Having the same distance as BRs, ARs and LMGs gives Marksman Rifles a distinct advantage, as they are among MW2’s most effective long-distance tools. 

Long Shot kills in MW2: A player aims down their sights from a distance towards an enemy in a grimy, dimly lit hallway.

What are the best Longshot methods in MW2?

When it comes to Longshot tactics, there’s a handful of different approaches you can explore. But the top two methods we recommend to secure Longshots in the game are the following:


Though it’s not a welcomed method in MW2, camping goes a long way when securing Longshot kills in MW2. As we discussed earlier, long shot kills are predicated on how far you are from your enemies. And positioning yourself in a good nook at a distance will do wonders for you when executing an attempt.


When pulling off Longshots, stability and recoil can play into how successful you will be. Sometimes the weapons you use will provide that, but sometimes they won’t. When you are completing Longshot kill challenges, mounting will provide that stability you need to get those eliminations.

That’s everything we have on how to get Longshot kills in MW2. They’re tricky, so don’t feel discouraged if it takes some practice. Once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be far better prepared to gear up with the best ranked play loadouts and start climbing the skill ladder in competitive play.

What is a Longshot MW2? 

A Longshot is a kill performed from a significant distance in MW2, with close-range weapons having a shorter Longshot distance than others. 

What is the distance for Longshots? 

Longshot distance is 12.5 meters for Shotguns, 20 for Pistols, 30 for SMGs, 38 for Marksman Rifles, LMGS, Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles, and finally 50 for Sniper Rifles. 

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