Best MW2 Quickscope class, weapon and attachments

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If you’re looking for the best MW2 Quickscope class and weapon you’re in the right place. What would Call of Duty: Modern Warfare be without Quickscoping? For as long as the series – and FPS multiplayer in general – has existed, this technique has been around to spice up matches.

If you have access to Sniper Rifles, then you have access to Quickscopes. And Season 5 has plenty of high-power Sniper and Marksman Rifle options. As we walk you through the best MW2 Quickscope class, also see how to get longshot kills in Modern Warfare 2.

Best MW2 Quickscope class and weapon: Sniper training in mw2

Best Quickscope class and weapon in MW2 

The best Quickscope class in Modern Warfare 2 is built around speed, and using long-range sniper rifle or marksman rifles. The best weapon to use is the SP-R 208 marksman rifle. You’ll want to make sure you’re as fast and mobile as possible to get the best results for Quickscoping. This marksman rifle is the best option for the job, having some of the top ADS and movement stats relative to its damage output in the game.

Crucially though, the weapon damage itself isn’t as important. All marksman and sniper rifles boast exceptional power. But the Handling and ADS speed are what make the difference for landing Quickscopes.

Best attachments for SP-R 208

  • Bolt – FSS ST87 BOLT
  • Comb – AIM-ASSIST 406
  • Laser – CORIO LAZ-44 V3
  • Optic – SP-X 80 6.6X

Aim Down Sights is always a crucial factor in long-range, accurate weapons, but more so than ever when trying to Quickscope. You aren’t looking to set up the perfect, meticulous shot here, but to bring up your scope as quickly as possible and outgun your opponent in the shortest amount of time. The SP-R 208 is already good at this, but these mods are designed to take it a little further. They’ll enhance the ADS, Sprint-to-Fire Speed, Movement Speed, Flinch Resistance, and Rechambering Speed. This means that the gun will not only move more quickly as you draw it up, but more smoothly as well, improving your accuracy alongside your velocity.

Alongside the SP-R 208, the SPX-80 is a great alternative. It’s a sniper rifle, with many of the same qualities as the SP-R, and it has superior Handling and ADS compared to other sniper rifle class weapons.

Best Quickscope Perks in MW2 and Warzone

Best Quickscope Class In MW2 : Perk Package menu.
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To push this further, you’ll want your Perk Package to be tailored towards boosting your Quickscope efficiency in Modern Warfare 2. We’ve outlined the perks that we believe will help your Quickscoping efforts the most below: 

  • Base Perks: Double Time and Tracker 
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands 
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost 

Double Time will allow you greater movement, allowing you to play aggressively and keep from being cornered. Your hunting capabilities are augmented by Tracker, allowing you to pursue your opponents with greater efficacy, making you a seriously terrifying threat with the one-shot potential of Quickscopes. 

Fast Hands is key to allowing you to reload as fast as possible, cutting down on vulnerable spots with your sniper. And Ghost is key to allowing you to move about and pick off opponents one by one while remaining undetected by others.

How to Quickscope in MW2 and Warzone

In case there was any doubt or confusion on the subject, Quickscoping is indeed available in Modern Warfare 2. No matter how small or large the map in MW2, you are likely going to come across at least one Quickscoper in nearly every game you play on Multiplayer, highlighting how popular the playstyle continues to be.

Best Quickscope Class In MW2: Player in desert looks down their gun sights.
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Quickscoping is a time-honored practice in Call of Duty. A Quickscope is the act of using ADS for a split second to kill an enemy with one shot. This may run counter to the expected playstyle of snipers and marksman rifles. But in practice, it has proved an exceptionally popular and deadly style of play, allowing experts to burn through whole lobbies with ease.

To perform a Quickscope, line up your shot from the hip. Then use your aim key to pull up the scope, firing as it appears on your screen. This has to be a fast, almost instantaneous process. Release or un-toggle the ADS as you fire, dropping the scope away. If you pull this off correctly, the shot should land a killing blow.

How do I get better at Quickscoping?

The best way to improve your quickscoping in MW2, is by getting as familiarized as much as possible with headshot crosshair placement upon zooming in your scope. What’s important to understand, is that quickscoping must be done in seconds. So where you end up placing the crosshair of your scope, will be paramount.

A great way to work on this, is by picking your favorite quickscope class and practicing your ADS headshot placement in the firing range. Once you feel comfortable in the firing range, you can try it out in live lobbies and see where your placement lines up.

That covers everything you need to know about Quickscoping in MW2. If you’re just getting into the game and want to know Is The MW2 Vault Edition Worth It? we can help you out.

Can you Quickscope in MW2? 

Yes, quickscoping has returned in MW2, allowing you to quickly one-shot opponents using sniper rifles. 

What is the best Quickscope Gun in MW2?

The SP-R 208 marskman rifle is the best gun for quickscoping in MW2, thanks to its excellent handling and ADS speed. 

How quick is a Quickscope?

A Quickscope can be as fast as a fraction of a second. You’ll want to fire the moment your scope is on them.

How do you Quickscope faster?

Aim Down Sight speed and Sprint to Fire are two crucial factors to improve your quickscoping skills.

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