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Modern Warfare 2 – How To Do A Finishing Move

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Any Modern Warfare 2 player worth their salt will know that the game isn’t all about carefree, bombastic action. Careful, methodical play is rewarded more often than heedlessly rushing in, especially given Modern Warfare 2’s incredibly speedy TTK.

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When a few bullets can drop even the most confident player, precision is the most valuable tool in any campaign mission or online lobby.

For players looking to move away from bombs and bullets and expand their stealthy toolkit in MW2, learning to perform a Finishing Move will help provide a new deadly option.

How To Do A Finishing Move in MW2

MW2 Finishing Move Campaign
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As you may have already experienced in the stealthier missions of Modern Warfare 2’s campaign, performing a Finishing Move relies on catching your opponents unawares.

Once you’ve moved directly behind an opponent, hold down the melee button to perform a Finishing Move. If you’ve done it right, the move animation will trigger and instantly kill your opponent.


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Bear in mind, it’s much easier to sneak directly behind AI enemies than it is real people in a deathmatch. Modern Warfare 2 will teach players to be constantly aware of their surroundings, and equipment like the Heartbeat Sensor only make your sneaking easier to detect.

Take advantage of decoys, flashbangs and other tools to get the drop on your enemies when the time is right, rather than hoping to constantly pull off finishing moves in MW2.

However, be careful as finishing moves can definitely make you vulnerable as when you’re in that animation, you can’t get out of it.

How To Do A Finishing Move On Xbox & PlayStation

As touched upon in the previous section, completing a finishing move requires you to hold down the melee button when behind your opponent.

Here’s how to do so on Xbox and PlayStation:

Xbox (Default Setting): Hold R3/RS

PlayStation (Default Setting): Hold R3/RS

If you’re using a different controller setting, the melee button you need to hold down could vary. So for example, if you’re using the Tactical Controller Setting, you would need to hold ‘B’ on Xbox and ‘Circle’ on PlayStation.

Finishing Move FAQ

Can you do a Finishing Move in MW2 Multiplayer?

Yes, Finishing Moves are possible to perform in Multiplayer matches, but it will be harder to get behind other players than AI enemies.

How do you do a finishing move MW2?

Move directly behind an opponent and hold the melee button to perform a Finishing Move.

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