Best Equipment In Modern Warfare 2 

Best Equipment In Modern Warfare 2 
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With so many powerful perks, weapons, and killstreaks to choose from, it can be all too easy to overlook Equipment in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

But doing so is a significant mistake, as Equipment can often make or break your Modern Warfare 2 loadout, providing additional combat options for almost any scenario. 

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We’ll walk you through the best equipment choices that Modern Warfare 2 offers, allowing you to always take the best kit with you into battle. 

Modern Warfare 2 – Best Equipment Options 

Modern Warfare 2 Equipment

Best Explosives in Modern Warfare 2


A Call of Duty classic. C4 is perfect for players that excel at leading enemies into an ambush. C4 can be planted on most surfaces and then detonated remotely, causing a huge explosion.

While it is possible for opponents to notice the C4, if left in a hard-to-spot location, C4 can quickly turn an opposing squad into a smoking crater. 

Drill Charge 

Modern Warfare 2 Equipment Drill Charge

The Drill Charge is a somewhat unconventional piece of explosive equipment in Modern Warfare 2, but incredibly effective in its niche.

When activated, the Drill Charge will burrow into a surface before detonating.

This can allow you to ambush opponents by sending the Drill Charge through walls or even into vehicles, utterly negating significant enemy advantages. 

Best Tactical Options – Modern Warfare 2 Equipment

Decoy Grenade 

Decoy Grenades are one of the cleverest pieces of kit in Modern Warfare 2. When activated, they will severely hamper enemy scouting by replicating radar signatures and movement.

You can easily send opponents sprinting in the wrong direction, allowing you to come up from behind and deal some real damage. 

They are particularly effective in Team Deathmatch in confined areas.

Flash Grenade 

Flash Grenade

The Flash Grenade will disorient and blind opponents caught in the blast. Their hearing will be temporarily compromised too, leaving them in an incredibly vulnerable state.

They may still be able to shoot you during the effect’s duration, but the likelihood of them hitting is significantly reduced, making them easy to dispatch. 

Heartbeat Sensor 

The Heartbeat sensor has long been an incredible tool in Call of Duty players’ arsenals.

This versatile reconnaissance tool can allow you to track nearby units by their heartbeats. This tool can often be used to maneuver out of danger or get the drop on unsuspecting foes. 

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The heartbeat sensor is sadly less powerful than it used to be, now being much more limited in duration. But if you pick the right time to use it, it can still massively increase your options for dealing with nearby foes. 

That does it for our guide to the best equipment currently available in Modern Warfare 2.

MW2 best equipment FAQ 

How does Heartbeat Sensor work in MW2?

It works by sending a pulse that identifies nearby enemy heartbeats. This the shows their approximate location and distance.

How do you use C4 MW2?

Much like a grenade, you can throw C4 by pressing the use equipment button on your controller or PC. Unlike grenades, C4 can stick to walls and objects, so is best used as a trap to down nearby enemies or large teams.