MW3 beginners guide – see our 7 essential tips to help you get started in Modern Warfare 3

MW3 beginners guide – see our 7 essential tips to help you get started in Modern Warfare 3
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Even if you’ve played Call of Duty games in the past, you can’t go wrong with our MW3 beginners guide. Modern Warfare 3 is finally available across the globe and so far the game has been making rounds thanks to a revamped multiplayer and an engaging new zombies mode. The new game also brings back fan-favourite maps as well as a variety of popular game modes. 

Thanks to the game’s Carry Forward system, you can use all of your favourite guns from MW2 in MW3, which as we noted in our MW3 review is one of the many reasons why the two games are very similar. We also have an interesting MW2 Vs MW3 comparison piece that you should read. So without wasting any more time, here’s our MW3 beginners guide for you. 

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Choose a weapon and reach level 4

The first thing you want to do once you launch Modern Warfare 3 is get to level 4. Only then will you unlock powerful weapons such as the SVA 545 Assault Rifle and the Pulemyot 762 LMG. Once you get your hands on these guns, they’re worth spending time with and leveling up to their max level. The SVA 545 is one of the first weapons you’ll get your hands on so we suggest going over our best SVA 545 loadout in MW3

Reaching level 4 shouldn’t take long but if you’re struggling, we’ve written extensively about leveling up fast in our MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks so you should definitely check that out as it includes various ways on how you can garner XP and unlock weapons. You can also use the game’s Playlist Filter in the multiplayer lobby to sort of randomise the game modes or choose the specific ones you want to play. 

Make some basic gameplay changes

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Like with many other games, there are tiny bits of gameplay settings that you should adjust to your preference, even in Modern Warfare 3. This next tip in our MW3 beginners guide requires you to adjust basic settings like combat behaviours such as activating aim-down-sight (ADS) or even switching Manual Fire Behaviour from tap to hold via the Combat Advanced settings. These settings can have a huge difference in your gameplay, especially with certain weapons. You can also adjust your Field of View and enjoy a wider range of vision on the battlefield. 

Ultimately, it’s worth just toying around the settings a bit and finding what works for you. Depending on the platform you’re playing, your automatic in-game username will be the name you use in your Playstation or Xbox account. You only get one free token to change your name every six months, so use the first one to change your username to something cool or something that makes enemies want to avoid crossing paths with you. 

Play Armory Unlocks at level 25

I didn’t really bother about Armory unlocks at first because I became very invested in other parts of the game but after reaching level 25, it became clear that the challenges in Armory Unlocks can allow you to unlock specific weapons, attached and perks. There are many weapons to unlock using this feature but if you’re looking to get your hands on some incredible firepower, you should prioritise the Longbow Sniper Rifle or even the Rival-9 SMG. 

Go face the undead

If you don’t already know, allow us to let you in on the fact that MW3 zombies mode carries the game. Sure it’s not the first time we’ve gotten our hands on a zombies mode in a Call of Duty game but it feels very different this time around. Apart from the difficult task of being able to go up against the undead and try to survive, zombies mode is a fantastic way to unlock new weapons by completing challenges. 

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Also, blasting through hordes of zombies is a nice way to take a break from regular multiplayer matches or if you don’t find the game’s campaign captivating enough. You can choose to play the zombies mode with friends or check out our guide on how to play zombies mode solo. But some perks come with playing with a random squad or friends such as being revived and picking up items dropped for you by a friend or teammate. 

There’s a lot of fun that comes with playing zombies mode. From the horrors you’ll face in high-level threat areas, the frustration that comes with losing all your items if you die in a match, all the way down to the excitement that comes after you manage to complete a successful exfil and make it out of Urzikstan. You can also play the zombie campaign mode which doesn’t quite feel like a traditional story mode but has fun and challenging missions. So if you decide to give zombies mode a shot, see our MW3 zombies tips and tricks

Learn slide cancelling and tactical stance 

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Although it’s not as popular as it once was, slide cancelling has become one of the most used moves in multiplayer matches. If you’ve played a few matches, you’ll notice that a lot (and I mean a lot) of players are sliding and then jumping. This manoeuvre was first introduced in previous games but was later removed in MW2. However, slide cancelling is back fully in MW3 and it’s only right that you take advantage of it as well by learning how to slide cancel

You should also master tactical stance which has already been simplified for you thanks to the several options in the settings menu. Tactical Stance is a new aiming mode in the game, easily one of MW3’s notable additions since it launched in November. This stance puts you in a less accurate position to take down an enemy and really it just makes you look a pro. Although ADS has better accuracy, Tac stance is sort of a combination of both. You’ll move around faster and if you can combine your Tac stance skill with slide cancelling, you’ll amass lots of kills in multiplayer. 

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Help your team win by doing this

There are many interesting game modes in MW3, some of which are befitting to a beginner. While the likes of Free-for-all and Kill Confirmed can very challenging, you can do great in free-for-all as it’s every man for himself. In Kill Confirmed however, you can always make it your mission to confirm or deny kills by picking up dog tags. We suggest doing this if you’re unable to get kills of your own and you’ll rack up a decent amount of XP for every successful dog tag you pick up. But be ready to defend yourself as well because enemies will also be on the hunt for tags, but if you make finding them your goal, you have better chances of picking up the most dog tags.

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Prioritise your loadout options 

Despite MW3 giving each operator a hefty 150 health level in multiplayer as opposed to the 100 in previous games, you won’t be able to leverage this health upgrade if you step into the battlefield with poor loadout choices. If you’re just starting, it might seem like a time-consuming process to go through each loadout option and make the best choice but it’s worth it. 

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You should spend some time in the Gunsmith and choose attachments for your weapons that improve their overall performance. Add a good optic, use a better barrel, switch ammunition, improve handling and so much more. If you do this for a while, it becomes a breeze with different weapons. There are lots of different combinations to experiment with but you don’t have to do everything on the go. Take your time and try to master using one or two weapons and see how they fare with your preferred playstyle. 

You’re never alone

While this might seem like basic advice, it’s worth noting that you’re never alone in multiplayer matches, so always keep your eyes open and be cautious because enemies can appear from anywhere. Whether you’re hiding in a bush, inside a building or crawling your way through a discreet part of an area, you can be spotted. Also, don’t dally around, especially in fast-paced maps like Rust and Terminal. 

Maps like Afghan often offer you room to catch your breath and get a good spot but if you’re playing on Rust, where the heat is always on, you won’t really have time to catch your breath. Unlike MW2, MW3 is a fast-paced game and staying in motion is key. Utilize slide canceling, take cover strategically, and familiarize yourself with spawn points. Also, don’t always be in a hurry to skip your death cam footage as it can reveal enemy positions and aid you in planning your revenge. 

That’s our Modern Warfare 3 beginner’s guide that should help you find your way around the game if you’re just starting. There are lots of important information that you’ll figure out on your own as you play and level up. And remember you can always check back here for helpful guides on any part of the game that’s giving you a tough time. 

MW3 Beginner’s guide FAQs

How do I master the slide cancel technique?

Practice the timing: Sprint, crouch, and jump in quick succession.

How do I choose the right loadout for my play style?

Experiment with different weapons and attachments to find your perfect combination.

How do I unlock rewards faster? 

Complete Daily Challenges to earn XP, this will allow you to unlock various faster.