MW2 vs MW3 – is Modern Warfare 3 worth it?

MW2 vs MW3 – is Modern Warfare 3 worth it?
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In the realm of modern first-person shooters, the Modern Warfare series stands tall, captivating gamers with its intense multiplayer, gripping campaigns. In the case of MW3, the introduction of the much-anticipated zombies mode which for myself and the millions of CoD players, did not disappoint. So our MW2 vs MW3 guide will go over why you might consider getting the MW2 sequel.

MW3 launched just a year after MW2, which raised a lot of eyebrows as many believed it was a bit rushed. However, with Sledgehammer Games taking the lead, it amped up the excitement and after its multiplayer and campaign beta phases, MW3 is now available to play on compatible platforms worldwide. In this guide, we’ll be comparing MW2 vs MW3 and giving our verdict on the game we believe is better.

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Dynamic advancements in multiplayer

Modern Warfare 3 takes the baton from its predecessor, injecting an adrenaline boost into the multiplayer experience. MW2’s gameplay compared to MW3 is quite drastic and unless you haven’t actually gotten your hands on MW3, the improvements are quite obvious. MW3 is incredibly fast, mainly because the game utilised a lot of the fan-favorite features that were first introduced in Modern Warfare (2019) and brought them back. 

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The fast-paced gameplay makes everything you do a little bit faster. You can jump faster, reload faster, slide faster etc. And although you can do these things in MW2, the difference is easily noticeable and many would prefer the fast-paced gameplay of MW3. MW3 also has a simpler weapon unlock system as opposed to MW2. Weapon unlocking was a pain in MW2. It was very confusing for new players to get around how it works.

Zombies mode carries MW3

While Modern Warfare 2 set a high bar, it lacked the infectious excitement that comes with battling hordes of the undead. MW3 may not have met all fan expectations but it exceeded one by introducing a dedicated zombies mode. And although zombies in general are not new to the franchise, this addition brings a new layer of enjoyment to the Modern Warfare game series, transforming the gaming landscape and giving players a cooperative challenge to sink their teeth into.

MW2’s campaign eclipses that of MW3

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While Modern Warfare (2019) campaign is highly considered to be the series’ best, MW2 campaign is a close second. The intricate plot, memorable characters, and jaw-dropping set pieces paint a masterpiece on the gaming canvas. However, MW3 falters in comparison, offering a lackluster narrative that – despite its newly introduced open combat missions and Easter eggs – struggles to reach the heights set by its predecessors. 

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While the MW2’s campaign structure is tightly paced, it isn’t without its faults as we noted in our MW2 campaign review. However, each mission does seamlessly flow into the next, creating a sense of urgency and immersion. MW3 on the other hand, adopts a more episodic approach, with each mission feeling more like a standalone chapter. And although the newly introduced open combat missions are often fun because you don’t really have to follow through with an objective, it tends to disrupt the flow of the narrative, making it harder for players to stay invested in the overall story. 

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More than a $70 DLC

Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 are both significant in the Call of Duty series, but MW3 edges ahead. The fast-paced gameplay, improved visuals, zombies mode and multiplayer enhancements, make MW3 more than just a sequel—it’s a commendable improvement that’s more than a $70 DLC for MW2.

Visuals and user interface 

In our MW2 vs MW3 comparison, Both games showcase the technological prowess of their respective years, which we also mentioned in our MW3 review. MW3 released roughly a year after MW2, and delivers a more polished visual experience with a smoother interface compared to MW2. The game also introduces a more refined color palette and detailed environments, contributing to a heightened sense of immersion. 

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Ultimately, there’s no significant difference between the two games as they’re both very familiar in just about every aspect. Aside from the introduction of multiplayer Zombies mode and the open combat missions, MW3’s overall execution leaves something to be desired. So if you’re yet to play MW3 but are concerned it’s not worth the money, we have to say that it is worth playing as long as you don’t buy it for the campaign. 

The increased speed and fast-paced gameplay in MW3 create a dynamic battlefield where split-second decisions are the difference between victory and defeat. If you’re big on campaign, then MW3 may not be for you. But it’s also worth noting that it all comes down to personal preference and you might actually enjoy the MW3 campaign despite the poor reviews. However, if you’re mainly interested in zombies mode and multiplayer, then MW3 is the better game compared to MW2. 

Modern Warfare 3 FAQs

Can I play MW3 offline?

You can play the MW3 campaign offline but you need a stable internet connection to play multiplayer, zombies and other game modes.

Are there new weapons and equipment in MW3?

Yes, there are new weapons, equipment and even killstreak rewards, adding diversity to the MW3 gameplay.