Best Minecraft Legends melodies and how they work

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Minecraft Legends melodies are the most important mechanic in the game. You need them to create buildings, base upgrades, units spawners, and resource-gathering minions. As you would expect, some of these melodies are more useful than others, such as the mossy golem spawner, the redstone launcher, and the power tower melody.

While the Minecraft Legends mounts will help you traverse the map and our top Minecraft Legends tips are what you need to up every level of your game, melodies are on another level. Here’s how to use melodies in Minecraft Legends, plus an overview of the best melodies you can get.

Minecraft Legends melodies: An explanation of how melodies work in game, with the page turned to the Stun Tower.

Minecraft Legends melodies explained

In Minecraft Legends lore, you’ll be given a legendary lute to play magical ‘melodies’. These melodies create buildings and place ‘allay’ helpers to gather resources. Open your journal to see every available melody. They’re divided over four categories:

  • Resourcing Melodies – place allay minions near sources of wood, stone, and ore. The allay will gather all resources within its range.
  • Combat Melodies – places a unit spawner, such as a zombie spawner or a grindstone golem spawner.
  • Player Building Melodies – places structures, such as walls, arrow towers, or redstone launchers.
  • Improvement and Host Melodies – builds upgrades for your base, such as the gather coal improvement, which unlocks the coal resource, or the banner improvement, which allows you to command more units at the same time.

Best Minecraft Legends melodies

You’ve got to use combat melodies to get the best units, building melodies to get the best buildings, improvement melodies to get the best upgrades, and so on. With so many game mechanics to choose from, this overview of the best melodies will come in handy. As mentioned above, the best Minecraft Legends melodies fall within four separate categories, so we’ll divide them accordingly.

Minecraft Legends melodies: The player character riding the Brilliant Beetle and placing a resourcing melody.

Best resourcing melodies

You’re going to need every Minecraft Legends resourcing melody eventually, but what resources should be prioritised? These are the best resources available:

  • Gather Iron Melody. With a large stack of iron in your possession, you can spawn grindstone golems and mossy golems. Especially the mossy golems (healers) provide a huge early-game upgrade for your army.
  • Gather Redstone Melody. It’s great for spawning zombie units, but more importantly, the redstone melody unlocks the redstone launcher, which is a great tool for destroying enemy bases.
  • Cure Netherrack Melody (campaign only). This is by far the most powerful resourcing melody you can place, as it removes netherrack in a large radius around it. Use it near a piglin base, and you’ll be able to place your own combat melodies and building melodies within that base.
Minecraft Legends melodies: The player character by a spawner.

Best units and combat melodies

The best spawners provide the best Minecraft Legends units, so which spawner melodies should you prioritise?

  • Cobblestone Golem Spawner Melody: the best Minecraft Legends units to take down an enemy base quickly. They’re okay-ish as melee fighters, but extremely efficient when demolishing enemy buildings one-by-one.
  • Mossy Golem Spawner Melody: The mossy golems may be the best Minecraft Legends units available. Not only are they expert healers, keeping your units alive and thus saving you a ton of time and resources, but they also remove debuffs. At the cost of only one lapis and one iron per unit, using this spawner melody is surprisingly cheap.
  • First Golem Spawner Melody (PvP only): unlike campaign mode, you need to use spawner melodies to get legendary units in PvP mode. They’re obviously stronger than normal units, and therefore the best combat melodies you can use.
Minecraft Legends melodies: The player character next to a building melody.

Best building melodies

The best building melodies contain handy siege weapons as well as strong defensive structures. Try to get the following buildings:

  • Ramp Melody: builds ramps used to infiltrate enemy fortresses. No need to take down walls!
  • Masonry Melody: turns wooden walls into stone walls. Greatly strengthens your defences.
  • Redstone Launcher Melody: shoots large boulders. It has a long recharge time and needs to be operated manually, but it’s an excellent siege engine to take down dangerous structures or enemy gates from a distance.
  • Stun Tower Melody: launches enemy troops away when they come close. While every special tower (including the blast and frost tower) is strong, this one is especially effective for defence. It’s hard for enemy units to get past this tower, and if you place other ranged defences nearby (such as arrow towers), they’ll take a ton of damage in their attempts.
Minecraft Legends melodies: An improvement melody with lots of turquoise pillars.

Best improvement melodies

After obtaining the necessary resource improvements, try to save up for stun towers and first golem legendary units. Flames of creation, banner upgrades, and extra storage space are useful too, but while there’s strength in numbers, there’s even more strength in having the most powerful buildings and units. With that in mind, here are the best improvement melodies:

  • Power Towers Melody: unlocks the blast, stun, and frost towers, the strongest buildings available in Minecraft Legends.
  • Build the Firsts Melody: unlocks the first golem legendary units, the best units and combat spawners available.

And that’s a wrap for the best Minecraft Legends melodies. Make sure you’re fully caught up with where to find all of the Minecraft Legends legendary mobs, and learn exactly how to read the Minecraft Legends map and all of its secrets with our dedicated guides.

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