Is Lies of P on Game Pass? Yes, and the preload is live now

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Many fans of Soulsborne adventures are asking Is Lies of P on Game Pass? The action-adventure is set to launch this week, and many subscribed to the Xbox service are curious if they can get their hands on the game at launch.

Lies of P will have you playing as Pinocchio as you go through the city of Krat in search of Gepetto while also trying to solve the city’s mysteries and finally become human. The game makes no secret of its inspiration, offering brutal combat and a grim world to explore. It’s a pretty decent slice of action, all being told – we’ve played the game, and you can find our Lies of P review over here.

If you’re here to find out if Lies of P is set to come to Xbox Game Pass, then you’re in the right place – here’s what we know. 

Is Lies of P Coming to Game Pass? 

Yes. We’ve known it for a while, as it was confirmed before we even knew the Lies of P release date that it’d be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. However, the higher-ups at Xbox ended up surprising the community after releasing the game a day early on September 18, 2023.

Lies of P will be available on Game Pass on both console and PC so you can play it with either a PC, console, or Ultimate subscription.

Can you preload Lies of P on Game Pass?

Yes. If you want to be sure you have the game on your Xbox console ahead of the Game Pass launch, you can download it right now so that it’s ready to play as soon as the Lies of P start time arrives in your region.

How big is the Lies of P preload on Game Pass?

The Lies of P preload size on Game Pass depends on your format. Here’s the information.

  • On PC, the Lies of P preload on Game Pass is 35.77 GB
  • On Xbox, the Lies of P preload on Game Pass is 35GB.

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Lies of P

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