Lies of P how to get Ergo and best Ergo farming spots

Lies of P how to get Ergo and best Ergo farming spots
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Trying to get Ergo in Lies of P? As with most souls-likes, Neowiz Games’ Lies of P has a central resource you’ll collect throughout the game to help you gain strength. In this case, that resource is Ergo, the lifesource of the game’s titular puppets. But how do you get it, exactly?

Here, we’re going to go through how to get Ergo in Lies of P, and the best places to farm Ergo. We’ll also walk you through exactly what it is. Even from the early stages of the game, you’ll want to collect plenty of it if you’re to improve your chances against the King’s Flame Fuoco or the Scrapped Watchman.

How to collect Ergo in Lies of P

Here are the top methods for collecting Ergo in Lies of P.

  • Defeating enemies.
  • Finding and consuming Ergo Fragments.
  • Selling items.

Let’s go through each method in a little more detail.

Defeating enemies for Ergo

All enemies will drop Ergo when defeated. This amount is usually set depending on enemy type, so identical enemies will usually drop the same regardless of where you fight them.
More challenging enemies will drop more Ergo of course with tougher minibosses being a good source for this, so long as you’re up to the challenge. Bosses themselves are the best source of Raw Ergo in the game, usually providing enough upon your victory to level up at least a few times.

Lies of P how to get Ergo: Pinocchio gains Ergo after defeating an enemy.

Finding and using Ergo Fragments

Ergo Fragments are another good, albeit less reliably abundant method for gaining Ergo. These are items you can find lying around the world, and depending on size and quality, each one holds a set amount of Ergo within. Selecting them from the inventory, you can consume them to instantly gain that Ergo. Larger Fragments, like Radiant Ergo Fragments, will provide more Ergo than smaller ones, like Dim Ergo Fragments.

You’ll also get special Ergo Fragments from bosses on defeating them. While you can consume these for a large amount of Ergo too, we’d advise against it, as these ‘boss souls’ if you like, have an additional purpose you can use them for.

Selling items

The final and simplest method for getting Ergo is to sell items to a vendor. Different items will sell for different amounts of course. Farmable common items like throwable Sharp Pipes or Sawtooth Wheels will only sell for a poultry amount, but since they’re technically an unlimited resource, you can always sell a large collection of them for significantly more Ergo. Rare or one-off items will of course sell for a lot more.

You can sell items to a few different NPCs. Polendina, the receptionist butler puppet at Hotel Krat, is probably your most reliable and safe bet. But you can also sell to the Wandering Merchant, if you know where to find him.

Lies of P how to get Ergo: Polendina's sales inventory.

Lies of P best Ergo farming spots

If you’re in need of a lot of Ergo, then farming it is the best method. This essentially means visiting one particular spot repeatedly, killing the enemies there, returning to a nearby Stargazer and respawning those enemies to repeat the process. Like any true souls-like game, Lies of P has a few excellent spots for farming, from early game through to late game. Here are our top picks for Ergo farming spots.

  • Outside Krat City Hall. The area just before The Scrapped Watchman is host to a number of sword-wielding puppets. They’re fairly slow, and drop 90 Ergo each on death – not too shabby for this early in the game. They’re also very close to a Stargazer.
  • The start of Venigni Works. From the first Stargazer, once you’ve got the necessary shortcuts unlocked, you can find two half-built puppets in the room directly ahead, and a number more, as well as a more powerful puppet, just around the left hand corner. While this is a bit of a challenge, defeating them all can get you a decent amount of Ergo, as well as a few other useful resources.
  • The bridge to St Frangelico Cathedral. Just back from the first stargazer in the Cathedral, this bridge is ripe with enemies. Even better, they’re already locked in combat with each other, making the job of hoovering up their Ergo fairly straightforward.
Lies of P how to get Ergo: The St Frangelico Bridge.

What is Ergo?

Still not quite sure what Ergo is? In gameplay terms, Ergo is essentially money, acting as your primary source of currency in the game. You can use Ergo in sufficient amounts to level-up your character. You can also use it to purchase new items, equipment and weapon parts, or use it to purchase upgrades to various components. In effect, consuming it in any form will grant you strength.

Story-wise Ergo is something of a mystical alchemical substance. It’s used to imbue the puppets of Krat with life, flowing around their artificial circulatory systems like blood. Ergo is best harvested fresh, as the lower its quality, the greater the risk of defects within a puppet. The rare blue substance seems to be unique to Krat, and its alchemists have been quick to utilise it in puppet production, making the city wealthy. From the start of the game of course, something has gone horribly wrong, and the puppets have risen up in a bloody frenzy. It’s possible that this sudden rampage is tied to the Ergo itself.

That covers everything you should need to know about how to get Ergo in Lies of P, what it is, and the best spots to farm it. There’s plenty more to the game than this though, so if you’re wondering how to upgrade P-organs, or just want a Lies of P review to get a better sense of the overall game, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What enemies are best for Ergo?

Bosses drop the most Ergo in Lies of P, but any large and powerful enemy is usually a good source of it, too.

Where is Ergo found in Lies of P?

Ergo drops from any slain enemies. It can also be found in consumable item form around all levels. It can also be gained from selling items and resources.