Is Palworld down? Check server status and maintenance

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Palworld is an extremely popular new game that millions of people are enjoying. It is free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to enjoy and it boasts a 24-hour peak playercount of over 1,500,000 on Steam. It is early access only though, which means it is not the final product and suffers from many issues such as stability and performance. Because of frequent stability issues and updates, here you will discover if Palworld is down and you will also find the server status to know if the game is undergoing maintenance.

Dubbed by many as Pokémon with guns, Palworld is a survival game also likened to other beloved experiences such as ARK Survival Evolved. The Pokémon Company has issued a response to all the comparisons, meanwhile, PETA wants a Vegan guide for the game due to the alleged ‘animal cruelty’ as players can either care for Pals or simply butcher them for meat and crafting.

Despite any controversy though, the game is lots of fun and has a remarkably high concurrent playercount. Unfortunately, a recurring issue is the game crashing leading players to wonder if the servers are down.

Are Palworld servers down?

Palworld servers are not down, but you may have trouble connecting to the servers. Per the Palworld_EN Twitter account, this is because changes are being made to the multiplayer system infrastructure. If you are unable to connect to the servers, Pocketpair recommends ‘restarting the game on both the host and client sides.’

How to check if Palworld servers are down?

You can check Palworld server status by visiting its official Twitter/X account. The developers typically provide game updates and announcements here, so following their page should immediately notify you of any issues. Alternatively, you can also join Pocketpair’s Discord server, which is home to several helpful moderators and developers who will be able to answer your questions, should you have any. Unfortunately, Palworld does not have a dedicated page yet.

What causes Palworld servers to go down?

The most likely reason the servers could go down, and one which has happened already is the unusually high load of players trying to access the servers at once. Palworld has been much more successful than expected, and the high number of concurrent players trying to play at once has caused a couple of outages, resulting in PocketPair issuing a server outage notice.

That covers all you need to know for now about Palworld’s server status. For more on the game, check out our pages on Palworld crossplay, Palworld PS4 and PS5 compatibility, and Palworld Game Pass availability before you jump back in. You can also take a look at our pages on all Palworld achievements and Palworld evolution for additional in-game details.

Developer Pocket Pair has released a new update for Xbox and Microsoft store PC versions. This fixes several bug issues including the infamous black screen.

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