Palworld Xbox update finally fixes black screen issue

Palworld Xbox update finally fixes black screen issue
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Palworld is easily the biggest game of 2024 so far, but it is an early access release meaning there’s bound to be problems as it is not the final product. Developer Pocket Pair has released a Palworld update today for Xbox, and here you will find the very brief patch notes. These include several fixes such as the infamous black screen issue for the Xbox console and Microsoft store PC version.

The game has sold over 5 million copies in just three days, which means it has beaten the records of a huge bevy of juggernaut AAA games including the fastest-selling PlayStation exclusives. It is part of Xbox Game Pass January 2024, so you do not even need to pay the early access fee to enjoy what many have dubbed ‘Pokémon with guns’.

Again, it is only an early access release, which means there are bound to be issues. The developer has released an update today for Xbox and the Microsoft store PC version, and the brief Palworld patch notes include several bug fixes.

Palworld Xbox update today patch notes

Below are the patch notes for the Palworld Xbox update today, January 23rd:

Xbox update:

  • Updates have been released for Xbox and Microsoft Store PC versions.
  • This update fixes some of the previously mentioned issues.

The following issues have been fixed:


  • When starting the game app, it goes black and cannot proceed further.

Microsoft store PC version:

  • When starting the game app, it goes black and cannot proceed further.
  • Controller is not recognized
  • Key guide display is not displayed correctly
  • Exit game button is not implemented

All of the above come courtesy of the Palworld_EN Twitter account. You can also join the official Pocketpair Discord for more updates and announcements. For any further issues the game, make sure to check to see if its servers are down.

If you’re just beginning your Palworld adventure, you will want to become familiar with the full Paldeck. We also have guides for where to find Pal Fluids, the best graphics settings for FPS boost and performance, and how to farm gold.