How to kill treasure goblins in Diablo 4

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Wondering how to kill treasure goblins in Diablo 4? Then you’re in luck – we’ll break down exactly how to deal with these little monsters right here. You’ll find these sneaking thieves dotted around Sanctuary. Driven by greed, their sole purpose is to scuttle off with your hard-earned spoils, namely gold. In their rush to haul their sack of pilfered goodies away as fast as possible, treasure goblins in Diablo 4 leave a trail of gold, a breadcrumb-like trail mapping out their movements.

While treasure goblins won’t attack you in Diablo IV, they can dart around rather quickly. This can make killing them and recouping your gold a little tricky especially if you’ve mastered the art of how to get gold fast in Diablo 4. They certainly proved annoying during our playthrough of the game. You can read all about in our Diablo 4 review. While you can’t expect cosmetics from them, the magical items they drop are worth the effort.

If these creatures manage to evade you long enough, they’ll portal away and escape. Your gold disappears into the virtual ether, never to be seen again. Should you catch and kill the demons, you’re in for major rewards. The contents of their treasure sacks often include piles of gold, loot, weapons, and other gear of varying rarity. These items scale with your level at the time.

How to catch treasure goblins in Diablo 4

The most effective way to catch and kill a treasure goblin in Diablo 4 is to follow them as soon as you spot them and unleash a series of attacks, abilities, and spells that either slow their movement or have a high damage output. Treasure goblins have very few abilities apart from being able to take damage and fleeing. They won’t stand much of a chance if you concentrate your attack on them. They are good at evading, though – and will frequently change direction to try to lose you.

The idea is to deplete their fairly substantial health bar quickly so that they can’t get away. Notably effective are attacks and spells with effects that slow or immobilize, especially those that follow up a status effect with sustained damage over time. A particularly good option is to use attacks that inflict the Chill property, as this not only slows down their movement but can also freeze them entirely. Once they’re stopped, unload as much damage as you can.

Their movement is typically quite erratic and they’ll often change direction, which can make tracking them difficult. You can use this to your advantage to lure them against walls or into dead-end. This makes defeating them easier – they tend to lose much of their speed and legibility in confined spaces. If a treasure goblin spawns alongside other foes, you’ll want to focus solely on the goblin. This is because they’ll make the most of you being distracted to scamper away.

Once you’ve mastered how to kill treasure goblins in Diablo 4, make sure you know how to get Murmuring Obols in Diablo 4. You’ll also want to learn how to get a mount in Diablo 4 and make sure you unlock all the Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Waypoint locations to make getting around Sanctuary easier. World of WarCraft: Dragonflight featured treasure goblins of their own in its Greedy Emissary event in June. And it remains to be seen Diablo 3’s Treasure Realm, the domain of the treasure goblins, will let you toy around in the sequel.

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