Hogwarts Legacy – How to open treasure vaults

Hogwarts Legacy – How to open treasure vaults
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Wondering how to open treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy? The fields, hills, and forests around the famous wizarding school are dotted with treasure vaults. Stone barricades, doors, spider webs, and other obstacles bar the way to the gear within and prevent you from entering, forcing you to solve a quick little puzzle to gain access.

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Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t do a great job explaining how the puzzles work to players, so we’ve pieced together this guide explaining how to open treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be plundering these ancient stages in no time at all. You can track the location of vaults easily via the map.

How to open treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy

Treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy come in different shapes and sizes. Some have a puzzle that needs solving using a specific spell, while you can march right into others, and then there are some guarded by enemies that need defeating. Here’s a breakdown of every type of vault you’ll come across.

Solving treasure vault cube puzzle Hogwarts Legacy

Spell Cube Treasure Vault

On the ground in front of the entrance to some vaults is a plaque. Each plaque has a symbol representing a specific spell. In the image above, it’s the symbol for Incendio, but you’ll also find cubes with Glacius and Levioso symbols. Somewhere near the entrance to the vault is a cube resembling a die with a symbol corresponding to the symbol on the floor plaque on each face. Here, the cube has the symbol for Incendio on each of its sides.

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Open Treasure Vaults

To open the treasure vault, use Accio to move the cube so that it rests on top of the plaque. Occasionally, you may need to hunt down the cube a little further away from the vault. You’ll need to use Accio/Levioso to bring it closer to the plaque. Once the cube is in place, cast the corresponding spell, aiming for the cube. In this case, it’s Incendio. Doing so removes the stones blocking the entrance to the treasure vault allowing you to enter.

Enter the vault and follow the path down to usually find a chest containing a decent piece of gear. For example, the vault behind the groundskeeper’s hut just down from the Hogwarts South Exit Floo Flame contains a chest with the Luxurious Cloak inside.

Accio Handle or Switch Treasure Vault – Hogwarts Legacy

Another puzzle type requires you to pull a lever using Accio. The lever is generally located quite near to the treasure vault entrance – use Revelio to reveal it. Casting Accio shifts the stone wall barring the entrance to the vault.

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Open Treasure Vaults

Reparo Rubble Treasure Vault

In this type of treasure vault, cast Reparo on the rubble barring the entrance to gain access.

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Open Treasure Vaults

Shifting Floor Treasure Vault

Inside the vault, you’ll find a large chamber and usually a single block you can move around using Levioso or Wingardium Leviosa. As you move the platforms, the floor shifts. For example, the treasure vault in the forest cave south of Lower Hogsfield has a chest hidden below the floor.

If you look, you’ll see that the floor is lower in one part of the room. Look up and you’ll see a cube you can pull down using Accio. The trick here is that the floor shifts down wherever the cube is located. Pull it towards the chest to lower the floor around the stash and loot it.

Locked Door Treasure Vault – Hogwarts Legacy

Use Alohomora and solve the lockpick mini-game to access the vault. If you don’t have Alohomora, check out our dedicated guide to the specific quest that unlocks the spell. It involves the groundskeeper Gladwin Moon and curiousDemiguise Statues.

Alohomora upgrades

Throughout the game, you will need to complete different quests to upgrade Alohomora. Continue to find Demiguise Statues and completing quests for the Groundskeeper to unlock the upgrades to this spell and allow you to unlock more difficult locks.

Blocked Entrance Treasure Vault

Some treasure vault entrances are blocked by large stones and debris. Cast a damage spell like Confringo or Bombarda to get through. Occasionally, the debris is replaced by wooden/metal/stone doors (use Depulso), spider webs (cast Incendio, Congringo, or other fire-based spell), or Devil’s Snare vines (Incendio does the job here).

Light The Braziers Treasure Vault  – Hogwarts Legacy

Here, you’ll need to light all the floating braziers using Incendio to access the treasure.

Bone Bridge Treasure Vault

Cast Revelio to reveal stacks of bones peppered around the room. Use Levioso, Accio, or Wingardium Leviosa on the stacks and pull them towards the blue highlighted poles to create a bone bridge.

Chess Piece Treasure Vault – Hogwarts Legacy

Cast the Transformation spell on the checkered chair to reveal a knight chess piece. Use Accio or Levioso to move it to the chess board to reveal the chest.

That covers how to open treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy. We recommend exploring the countryside beyond Hogwarts Legacy if you plan on finding them all – there are over 100 of them. Happy plundering. Check out The Bell Tower Wing Field Guide Pages and their locations, how to get money fast, how to climb the battlements, and where to find Troll Bogeys in the Highlands beyond Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Vaults – FAQ

How many treasure vaults are in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are 114 treasure vaults scattered about Hogwarts Legacy.

What are treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy?

Treasure vaults are small puzzles that you can solve that get you treasure.