Helldivers 2 best ship modules tier list – what to unlock first

Helldivers 2 best ship modules tier list – what to unlock first
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The Destroyer ship in Helldivers 2 lets you call in powerful offensive abilities which can be upgraded with ship modules. Read on to find out which ones you should pick first in the co-op shooter.

The best ship modules in Helldivers 2

Consider working towards the Donation Access License, Dynamic Tracking, Advanced Construction, Synthetic Supplementation, and Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit in the game.

Helldivers 2 ship modules tier list

Here’s our Helldivers 2 ship modules tier list based on the time we’ve spent in-game. Since they’re all passive buffs, you don’t have to pick between them. Instead, pick what to upgrade first and get the rest later on as you acquire more resources.

TierShip modules
SDonation Access License, Dynamic Tracking, Advanced Construction, Synthetic Supplementation, Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit
AZero-G Breech Loading, Targeting Software Upgrade, Expanded Weapons Bay, Shock Absorption Gel, Exploding Shrapnel
BNuclear Radar, High-Quality Lubricant, Streamlined Request Process
CPit Crew Hazard Pay, Hand Carts, More Guns, Power Steering, Rapid Launch System
A table with the Helldivers 2 ship modules tier list.
Helldivers 2 best ship modules: A Destroyer ship above a Terminid planet in the game. Iamge captured by VideoGamer.
Your Destroyer ship has access to some neat upgrades. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Helldivers 2 best ship modules to unlock first

Ship modules can be purchased in the Ship Management Terminal in Helldivers 2’s Destroyer ship. You can also unlock new stratagems here in a different section. Ship modules are split into six groups, each with a specific target focus in terms of buffing up stratagems or granting bonuses. We’ve explained our best ship module picks and what they do in Helldivers 2 below.

1 – Donation Access License

At the affordable rate of 60 Samples, this ship upgrade increases the magazines that come with every support weapon drop. This includes lethal weapons like the Laser Cannon, Grenade Launcher, Machine Gun, Railgun, Stalwart, Anti-Material Rifle, and Flamethrower. You can survive alien onslaughts without spamming the resupply stratagem right at the start of the game. This pairs up well with our Helldivers 2 weapon tier list.

2 – Dynamic Tracking

Costing 60 Samples and 20 Rare Samples, this reduces the deployment time for all Sentry Stratagems. You can drop sentries right into combat and dish some serious punishment with the help of this ship module.

3 – Advanced Construction

This ship upgrade is perfect for sentry enthusiasts, giving turrets a massive 50% increase in health. It’ll certainly come in handy when you tackle massive foes like Hulk Bruisers and Bile Titans. Just remember to watch out for friendly fire.

4 – Synthetic Supplementation

This one pairs well with the previous ship upgrade, with a solid cooldown reduction of 10%. This applies to Supply, Sentry, and Resupply stratagems. It costs 60 Common Samples and 10 Rare Samples.

5 – Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit

Lowering the cooldowns of Eagle stratagems by 50% is a solid buff if you use them often. And with a simple cost of 80 Basic Samples, you can get this without spending too much of your resources.

Save your Samples for ship modules but don’t hoard them

There’s a limit on how many Samples you can have so don’t wait for the endgame to use all of them.

How to unlock all ship modules in Helldivers 2

To unlock new ship modules in Helldivers, you’ll need to purchase them using Sample obtained from missions. These modules can only be purchased one after the other in a specific category. For instance, Streamlined Request Process can only be purchased after unlocking Donation Access License.

If you’re wondering how to get Samples in Helldivers 2, we’ve got you covered. Samples come in Common, Rare Orange, and Very Rare Pink variants. These upgrades will enhance your performance in combat against the Terminids and Automatons. You’ll need a whopping 1380 Common, 770 Rare, and 65 Very Rare Samples to unlock all the ship modules in Helldivers 2.

List of all ship upgrades in Helldivers 2 and their costs

Here’s a detailed list of all the ship upgrades you can find in the game. We’ve split this based on the different types available in Helldivers 2.

Patriotic Administration Center Ship Modules

  • Donation Access License: All Support Weapons get more magazines. This will let you sustain some firefights before calling in a Resupply stratagem. Costs 60 Common Samples.
  • Streamlined Request Process: All Support Weapons have a 10% decreased cooldown on Stratagems. This will let you call them into battle more often. Costs 80 Common and 40 Rare Samples.
  • Hand Carts: Backpack Stratagems have a lower cooldown of 10%. Costs 80 Common, 60 Rare, and 5 Very Rare Samples.

Orbital Cannon Ship Modules

  • Exploding Shrapnel: The damage falloff from orbital Stratagems explosions reduces damage. Costs 100 Common Samples.
  • More Guns: Barrage Orbital Strikes can fire 1 additional salvo(s) per barrage. This makes these stratagems more potent. Costs 80 Common and 60 Rare Samples.
  • Zero-G Breech Loading: Orbital Stratagems now have a 10% reduced cooldown. Call these more often by picking this ship module. This includes items like the Orbital Smoke Strike, Orbital Precision Strike, Orbital EMS Strike, and Orbital Gas Strike. Costs 80 Common, 80 Rare, and 10 Very Rare Samples.

Hangar Ship Modules

  • Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit: The cooldown time for Eagle Stratagems is reduced by a whopping 50%. You’ll get to call in these attacks twice as often. It applies to the Eagle 500KG Bomb, Eagle Airstrike, Eagle Strafing Run, Eagle Smoke Strike, Eagle Cluster Bomb, Eagle Napalm Airstrike, and Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods. Costs 80 Common Samples.
  • Pit Crew Hazard Pay: Eagle Rearm time is reduced by 20%. Here’s what Eagle Rearm is and why this reduction is important. Costs 80 Common and 40 Rare Samples.
  • Expanded Weapons Bay: The number of Eagle Stratagem uses is increased by 1 per Rearm. This means you can use more of these in battle. Costs 80 Common, 80 Rare, and 10 Very Rare Samples.

Bridge Ship Modules

  • Targeting Software Upgrade: The deployment time for Orbital Stratagems is reduced by 1 second. This lowers the time between entering the stratagem code and it appearing on the battlefield. This affects Orbital Gatling Barrage, Orbital Walking Barrage, Orbital EMS Strike, Orbital Gas Strike, Orbital Railcannon Strike, Orbital Smoke Strike, Orbital Airburst Strike, Orbital Laser, Orbital Precision Strike, Orbital 380MM HE Barrage, and Orbital 120MM HE Barrage. Costs 60 Common Samples.
  • Nuclear Radar: The enemy ping radius is increased by 50 meters on the minimap. This lets you spot potential ambushes in advance. Costs 80 Common and 40 Rare Samples.
  • Power Steering: Steering during Hellpod deployment is improved. Land right on top of foes with this ship upgrade. Costs 80 Common, 80 Rare, and 10 Very Rare Samples.

Engineer Bay Ship Modules

  • Synthetic Supplementation: Cooldowns for Sentry, Emplacement, and Resupply Stratagems are reduced by 10%. This lets you drop them into battle more frequently. It affects the Shield Generator Relay, EMS Mortar Sentry, Rocket Sentry, Gatling Sentry, Tesla Tower, Mortar Sentry, Anti-Personnel Minefield, Machine Gun Sentry, Autocannon Sentry, Incendiary Mines, and HMG Emplacement. Costs 60 Common and 10 Rare Samples.
  • Advanced Construction: Increases the health of Sentry Stratagems by 50%. This is perfect for defending positions or pushing an offensive at higher difficulties. Costs 80 Common, 60 Rare, and 5 Very Rare Samples.
  • Rapid Launch System: Deployment time for Emplacement Stratagems is removed. Instant deployment makes them more effective in combat. Costs 80 Common, 80 Rare, and 10 Very Rare Samples.

Robotics Workshop Ship Modules

  • Dynamic Tracking: Deployment time for all Sentry Stratagems is reduced. This lets you tackle threats quickly. Costs 60 Common and 20 Rare Samples.
  • Shock Absorption Gel: Ammo for all Sentry Stratagems is increased by 50%. Your sentries will now last longer in combat. Costs 80 Common, 40 Rare, and 5 Very Rare Samples.
  • High-Quality Lubricant: Sentries will rotate toward newer targets quickly. This one’s a godsend against quick enemies like the weaker bugs and robots. Costs 80 Common, 80 Rare, and 10 Very Rare Samples.

That covers the best ship modules in Helldivers 2. Pair these upgrades with our Helldivers 2 tips and tricks guide to take on even higher difficulties with your fellow Helldivers.

Helldivers 2 best ship modules FAQs

How many ship modules can you enable in Helldivers 2?

You can have as many as you like, provided you have the Samples and Rare Samples to afford them.

Do you need to activate ship modules in battle in Helldivers 2?

No, these are passive buffs that are automatically applied.