Helldivers 2 Best ways to find and kill Bile Titans – weak spots explained

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Want to kill Bile Titans in Helldivers 2? These hulking monstrosities can quickly bury your party if you aren’t strategizing as a team with lethal stratagems and support weapons. It’s pretty challenging, especially at higher difficulties. We’ve got some experience with these creatures so read on to know how to beat them.

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An image of a player being defeated by a Bile Titan in Helldivers 2. Image captured by VideoGamer.
An image of a player being defeated by a Bile Titan in Helldivers 2. Image captured by VideoGamer.

All Helldivers 2 Bile Titan locations

The massive Bile Titan can be found in all Terminid planets to the right side of Super Earth. You will encounter them at difficulty levels Challenging and above. As you amp up the difficulty, you will find these creatures more often and they will be harder to kill. The specific “eliminate Bile Titans” mission will let you find these fairly often. This will let you finish your Personal Orders easily for Medals.

Our methods for killing the Bile Titan in Helldivers 2

While its weak spots aren’t hard to identify, you’ll need the right gear to land shots without being skewered by its armored legs. You’ll start finding them on difficulties Hard and higher. Here are our strategies for beating the Bile Titan.

Keep moving and try to run to the high ground

This will let you evade the Bile Titan’s attacks momentarily. While they can climb up most surfaces, it’s still worth trying to outmaneuver them with a height advantage. They tend to move fastest while going in a straight line so try putting obstacles between you and the creature by making swift turns. Running towards the Bile Titan is risky but if you can evade its legs, you can run to its green underbelly and score some hits. This will also distract it, letting allies direct their attacks at its weak spots.

Look out for the Bile Titan’s weak spots

A Bile Titan’s weak spots are the green flesh on its mouth and underside. While you can damage its armored legs and main body, you’ll need solid firepower to get through its armor. Deal enough damage to the Bile Titan’s underside and it will stop its bile spewing attacks. Use a powerful weapon like the Railgun (despite the nerfs, it’s still good), Autocannon, or EAT-17 Anti-Tank, and headshots will inflict massive damage on this foe. Try to fire them right as the Bile Titan readies its acid attacks.

Opt for stratagems suited for the job

Focus on anti-armor and explosive stratagems to take out a Bile Titan. The EAT-17 Expendable Anti-Tank and Recoilless Rifle are good support weapons for the cause. And if you want to wipe out the Bile Titan’s support horde too, consider dropping a strategem like the 380MM HE Barrage. Hangar stratagems like the Eagle Napalm Airstrike and Eagle 500kg Bomb are neat alternatives. Sentries like the Autocannon Sentry and Rocket Sentry will let you distract the Bile Titan as you input the tougher stratagem codes. While Incendiary Mines can deal solid damage too, I wouldn’t recommend them as allies might step on them by accident. 

Drop resupply and revive stratagems on the Bile Titan

While orbital strikes are great, this lets you land some free shots on the Bile Titan. Try aiming for its head as you land back after a revive. You’re bound to lose some teammates in higher difficulties so this is well worth the effort.

Bile Titans are near-impossible to take down solo

If you want to play Helldivers 2 solo, these hulking beasts are tough to defeat. Keep a safe distance at all times and try not to be caught by the other Terminids.

That covers how to beat the Bile Titan in Helldivers 2. Remember that other bugs will accompany it so keep an eye out for stray Hunters and Stalkers when Bug Breaches occur. For more on the co-op shooter, check out how to kill Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2 and if the game has crossplay support.

Helldivers 2 Bile Titan FAQs

Can you kill a Bile Titan without aiming at its weak spots?

Yes, but you’ll need armor-penetrating weapons or explosives.

Where can you find Bile Titans in Helldivers 2?

Look for them in any of the Terminid systems to the right side of Super Earth.

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